Date: 18 Aug 2009


1. MOHAMMED PRAYING TO ALLAH, “GIVE ME MORE CHILDREN AND I WILL CONQUER THE WORLD.” ALLAH SPOKE TO HIM DIRECT: "TAKE TO UMPTEEN WIVES AND GO AHEAD." (But Mohammed, seeing the gleaming eyes around him, restricted the starving Arabs to FOUR. HE WAS AFRAID THAT THEY WOULD START KILLING AND EATING THEMSELVES.) THEREAFTER ALLAH STARTED DICTATING HIS KORAN. THEN SAID ALLAH, "GO AND KILL THE KAFIRS. THAT WILL BRING FORTH THE DAY OF YOUR RULE OVER ALL THE WORLD. THE INFIDELS WILL HAVE TO FIND OTHER PLANETS TO ESCAPE TO." ============================ 2. THE "AHL-I-KITAB" (People of the Book): The British conquered India by SWORD & GUN but gave it AWAY by head count. When it suited THEM they became democratic but only selective. Thus Partition was not on the basis of overall numbers (across India) but province by province, district by district, tehsil by tehsil, even village by village, in order to give maximum advantage to the ENEMY WITHIN (i.e., the MUSLIMS). Then the "PEOPLE OF THE BOOK" UNITED TO EXTERMINATE THE "PEOPLE OF FREEDOMS", STARTING WITH SINDH, BALOCHISTAN, NWFP, WEST PUNJAB, KASHMIR, EAST BENGAL AND THE DISTRICT OF SYLHET. NOW THEY ARE KILLING HINDU FELLOW CITIZENS IN PARTITIONED INDIA, TOO. THEY WILL NOT STOP TILL THE LAST KAFIR IS OUT AND ALL THE MOMINS ARE IN. --------------------------------------------- NB: In the context of the bogus Partiton of historic India, the above is all politically correct- absolutely. On the soil of Bharat (minus LAHORE & NORTH KASHMIR) ALL THE MUSLIMS & ITALIANS ARE POLITICALLY INCORRECT. ----------------------------- 18 AUG 09 === 000000000