Date: 19 Aug 2009


By expelling Jaswant Singh from the Primary Membership of the BJP, its leaders have not acted with maturity and farsightedness. They had disassociated the party from his views earlier, but this type of action was uncalled for and is counter-productive. BJP should have not underestimated freedom of expression and the people's capabilities of inferring and making their own judgement about such issues. What Jaswant Singh says about Jinnah is not a praise, but puts him in perspectives. It was Jinnah, who put the loyalties of the Muslims of partitioned India in question by achieving his goal and what is happening in Pakistan NOW is a monument to his two-nation theory. Iqbal is branded as a Great Dreamer, but we all know that his dream could not last twenty five years and further such sub-dreams keep off-shooting within the Muslims in Pakistan. It was this point which Jaswant Singh has made in his book about Jinnah. Jaswant Singh appears to be throwing out a challenge: whether Pakistan is ill-gotten or well-gotten! ========================= ======================= PAKISTAN WAS ILL-GOTTEN AND ALSO A FRAUD AND DECEPTION ON INDIA. WHAT KIND OF PARTITON WAS IT THAT LEFT MORE MOHAMMEDANS BACK IN BHARAT WHILE ENSURING THE TOTAL EXTERMINATION OF HINDUS IN THE NEW MOHAMMEDAN REPUBLIC, CREATED IN THE MIDDLE OF 20TH CENTURY. 000000000