Date: 19 Aug 2009


THE "AHL-I-KITAB" (People of the Book): The British conquered India by SWORD & GUN but gave it AWAY by head count. When it suited THEM they became democratic but only selective. Thus Partition was not on the basis of overall numbers (across India) but province by province, district by district, tehsil by tehsil, even village by village, in order to give maximum advantage to the ENEMY WITHIN (i.e., the MUSLIMS). Then the "PEOPLE OF THE BOOK" UNITED TO EXTERMINATE THE "PEOPLE OF THE FREEDOMS", STARTING WITH SINDH, BALOCHISTAN, NWFP, WEST PUNJAB, KASHMIR, EAST BENGAL AND THE DISTRICT OF SYLHET IN ASSAM. NOW THEY ARE KILLING HINDU FELLOW CITIZENS IN PARTITIONED INDIA, TOO. THEY WILL NOT STOP TILL THE LAST KAFIR IS OUT AND ALL THE MOMINS ARE IN. ------------------------------------------------------------- NB: Books are normally source of wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. So how come, Muslims who think they are “People of Book” kill and assassinate so freely like wild beasts? (News from PAKISTAN, Afghanistan and Irak every day.) Here was a Mullah, KORAN IN HAND, supervising the beheading of Guru Tegh Bahadur. So what was in that Book? And what was in the Book of Jinnah who gave the call to BREAK UP India in 1947 and sent millions to death and destruction? It dawned on us that in reality the Muslims were PEOPLE OF SAND since ARABIA, where Mohammed was born and where he grew up, is a DESERT. On our visit to Israel (Palestine) we saw only rocks. Now in contrast India is a land of rivers, springs and streams and green valleys, forests and fields with golden crops. The BOOKS composed here even centuries ago like Bhagwad Gita and Sri Guru Granth Sahib, were markedly different from the BOOKS written up in the desert during umpteen sand storms and scorching heat waves. Does it now make sense as to how and why Jinnah could give a call to BREAK UP India and had ALL THE MORONS stand up behind him and yell? Actually, the main agent of Partition were the British. They did want an Islamic State of Morons. They knew what it would do, i.e., FOR EVER remain an orphan at the mercy of America and Britain. Watch how the Islamic RULERS of Pakistan regularly invite ministers and generals from London and Washington seeking advice and help. Even the Land of Rasul Allah, Saudi Arabia, cannot live without heavy American presence to deter the "Believers" from getting their hands on the king's treasury. The day the Americans pull out all the palaces will be turned into ruins and rubble. Don't bother to ask about the fate of all the Royal princesses, ladies and queens. They will be treated as MOHAMMED bin Qasim treated the Queen of Sindh and her two daughters in 712 AD. Neither the KORAN has changed since, nor the "BELIEVER"! ====================================== 000000000