Date: 20 Aug 2009


Very enlightening: PERENNIAL MUSLIM MENACE AB INITIO. One can think of three BASIC factors for the CALAMITY of Partition. It was PERMANENT and STRATEGIC blow on Secularism, Democracy and HINDUISM in South Asia. The enemy got away with Hindusthan's (India's) pound of flesh and ton of blood. 1. WEAKNESS INVITED AGGRESSION. 2. WHOSE WEAKNESS LED TO THAT ONSLAUGHT ON LAHORE, KARACHI AND EAST BENGAL? HOW DID THAT WEAKNESS COME ABOUT? 3. WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO REMOVE THAT WEAKNESS? WHO IS TO DO IT & HOW? BECAUSE, IF WEAKNESS REMAINS, THERE WILL BE CONTINUOUS & PERENNIAL INFILTRATION, PENETRATION, INCURSIONS, KILLINGS AND ASSASSINATIONS TILL THE FINAL FLARE UP OF THE MAGNITUDE NOT YET FORESEEN OR MENT IONED. Finally, there is a LAW OF IDEOLOGY that dictates: "Peace and Progress in a country depend upon its MAJORITY community DOMINATING their TERRITORY in a VIRILE and MANLY manner. " So, we must ask, (1) WHO ARE THE MAJORITY COMMUNITY OF HINDUSTHAN? & (2) HOW UNITED AND STRONG ARE THEY? ANOTHER LAW OF IDEOLOGY: "When the cats goes to sleep the mice come out to forage and dance." (The "cat" in this case are the HINDUS in Hindusthan.) xxxx ======== In a message dated 20/08/2009 08:42:26 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: 1. Muslim leaders prior to independence asserted that post Independent India will be ruled by Muslims when British leave, as Britishers took over the power from Muslim Rulers. 2. This included Maulana Abdul kalam Azad- the pages relating to this were removed from his biography-, Ali Brothers as well as Jinnah, WHO WERE DREAMING OF RULING AN INDEPENDENT INDIA AFTER 1947. 3. During the deliberations Jinnah wanted 50% representation in the Parliament and Govt. bodies reserved for Muslims only, for a Muslim population of below 20% unpartitioned India. This was Jinnah's demand for united India to decimate Hindu-s!! 4. When he understood that British and Congress Party would not agree to this Muslim majority Govt., he started the idea of a separate Country for Muslims, and threatened direct action of killing Hindu-s, for which Zurawardy gave the initiative by massacres in WB. 5. Ambedkar had predicted that Hindu-s would not survive in a partitioned Muslim Pakistan and there should be total exchange of population before transfer of power. But Westernised Nehru was against this and declared Muslims who wished to stay back could stay on in "Secular" India. Hindu-s were really wiped out there and Muslims thrived and proliferated like piglets in India. Today Muslims like Owaisi or Bukhari are unchallenged and above law and openly declare support for Bin Laden and Owaisi openly said he bribed Manmohan Govt. Rs.500 Cr. in July 22 episode of survival!! Bukhari has several cases of sedition and crimes with warrants against him still not executed for "fear of reprisals"!! Indian Muslims are the most pampered and happiest lot in the World, having their cake and still eating it without paying any taxes but eating out of Hindu plates of exchequer. 6. Jinnah made the famous statement quoted by LKA on Secularistic Pakistan on 11th. Aug,1947 as required by Clement Attlee- not to declare it a Islamic State- but immediately retracted after violent protests within his followers and said it was only to placate the British and asserted that Pakistan was an Islamic State. There are documentary evidences to this episode. Why didn't Advani correct his praise of Jinnah with the after declarations by Jinnah? 7. BJP should be freed from this Islamophilia senile leaders, who appear to be getting out of their mental balance, might be with some unknown ulterior motives. But for the present the powerful ex-Soldier Jashwant had his last day in BJP and either have to retire from Politics or compromise his principles and walk over to the other side. In any case, he has betrayed the Rajput blood like many Kings of the past who sided with Mughals or British or married white girls for immediate gains and popularity. 000000000