Date: 20 Aug 2009


MISSION - JUSTICE FOR INDIAN DEFENCE SERVICES Dear Friends, Jai Hind. You all are fully aware of the injustice being done for decades, by the top politicians of our country, to the Indian Defence Services, in the form of poor state of modernisation of the Armed Forces, and total disregard to care, welfare & respect of its serving soldiers and veterans. The politicians are also shamelessly ignoring the sacrifices made by Indian Defence Services. Almost all the political parties and top political leaders totally neglected the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of Kargil Divas - what a shame!!! We have lumped it enough. Unless we all stand shoulder to shoulder and raise our voice against this gross injustice, the politicians of India will not come out of their shameless slumber. Of course, whatever we do - it must follow the ethics of Indian Defence Services. Nothing must be done which can tarnish our image in the public. Even after the promise made by the Congress Party in their election manifesto granting OROP, public announcement of OROP during the recent Parliament pre-poll speeches in Punjab, inclusion of OROP in the speech of the President of India for the opening session of the new Parliament, PM, RM and FM having made speeches in Parliament - OROP has been denied to us - what a shame!!! The worst affected by non-grant of OROP are the PBOR - followed by officers of the rank of Major and below. What is OROP (ONE RANK ONE PENSION) - All Ranks of the veterans, with same length of service, irrespective of the date of retirement, should get the same pension. Special attention needs to be paid to those ranks which will not appear in the list of future retirees like Major, Lt Col (and others if any). Therefore, we ALL once again have to rethink and plan our future action to achieve our aim - Justice for Defence Services - and we must do so with all veterans and all veterans' organisations STANDING SHOULDER TO SHOULDER. We must not let our ego come in the way of our unity. An All India Meeting of Indian Military Veterans is being held on 30 Aug 09, at Noida, Uttar Pradesh, for which intimation has been sent to all veterans and veterans' organisations available on email. All out efforts are also being made to inform about the meeting to other veterans and veterans' organisations not available on email. The meeting is open to all veterans and veteran organisations - provided you give prior intimation to the organisers, the details of which have been intimated to all. We need to explore all possible avenues to achieve our aim. Therefore, we must also fully exploit might of our veterans settled abroad. This email is aimed to exploit the power of veterans abroad. This very large source of power abroad has great potential if judiciously used. Kindly read the emails appended below. Please read these emails appended below, starting from bottom upwards. After you have read these emails, kindly consider writing to all your friends and relatives abroad, whether Indian Military veterans or otherwise, and seek their valuable support for JUSTICE TO INDIAN DEFENCE SERVICES. During the next NRI meet to be held in India, let our NRIs educate the Indian politicians as to how well other countries care for the modernisation of their Armed Forces and how well and with how much respect they treat their serving and retired soldiers; how well they remember those who sacrificed their lives or suffered sever injuries in the defence of their country. Such presentation by NRIs will also educate the Indian media and the Indian public on the subject. Indian politicians should be put to shame by the NRIs for the neglect of modernisation of Indian Armed Forces and total absence of care for the Armed Forces personnel - serving, retired and the widows. Kindly do try and help in this mission - PLEASE. WE CAN DO IT - LET US DO IT. In Service of Indian Military Veterans XXXXXXXXXXXXXX ===================================== CALAMITY AB INITIO INDIA KEPT THE ARMED FORCES OUT OF WAY AND UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDERED FIVE PROVINCES TO SEPARATIST EXTREMIST BRUTAL SAVAGE ISLAM IN 1947. THE MORALE OF THE INDIAN ARMED FORCES, THAT HAD NEVER EVEN CEASED FIRE BEFORE, WAS BADLY DAMAGED. CONFIDENCE IN CIVIL ADMINISTRATION {BABOO(N)S} WAS DAMAGED IRREVOCABLY. WAS THE THEN PRIME MINISTER IN COLLUSION WITH THE ENEMY? SOON THEREAFTER PANDIT NEHRU ORDERED THE ADVANCING INDIAN TROOPS TO STOP FIRING IN KASHMIR AND AT PLACES TO RETREAT, YIELDING TERRITORY TO THE ENEMY. HIS DAUGHTER WASHED AWAY THE BLOOD AND SACRIFICES OF INDIAN TROOPS IN EAST PAKISTAN AND RETURNED THAT TERRITORY, INDIA'S OWN IN THE FIRST PLACE, BACK TO ENEMY WHO WAS QUICK TO DECLARE IT ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF BANGLADESH. THE PERSECUTION OF MINORITIES THERE BEGAN IN FULL EARNEST ONCE AGAIN. INDIAN ARMY WAS SENT AS DYNASTY'S MERCENARY FORCE TO KILL THE TAMILS OF INDIAN ORIGIN IN SRI LANKA. INDIA'S ACTION NEEDS TO BE COMPARED WITH THAT OF TURKEY IN CYPRUS. IT APPEARS THAT THE CORRUPT THUGS AND MINISTERS RULING INDIA ARE NOT AFRAID OF EVEN GOD. POLICE BEING UNDER THEIR CONTROL, THE ONLY FORCE THEY FEAR ARE THE ARMED FORCES. HENCE THEIR DETERMINATION TO HUMILIATE, WEAKEN AND DEGRADE THE INDIAN ARMED FORCES. STRUGGLE OF INDIAN ARMY PERSONNEL FOR BETTER STATUS AND RECOGNITION WILL BE LONG AND BITTER. THEIR ENEMY IS NEHRU DYNASTY WHO RULE INDIA LIKE AUTOCRATS. THE RESULT MAY WELL BE MILITARY TAKE OVER OF THIS WORLD'S LARGEST BOGUS DEMOCRACY. ACTUALLY IT IS THE UNBROKEN RULE OF ONE DYNASTY OVER ONE BILLION BRAINWASHED SUBSERVIENT NATIVE SLAVES. 000000000