Date: 29 Aug 2009


JASWANT BOOK A HIT IN PAK Much before a formal launching, Jaswant Singh's book has hit the stands in Pakistan and " is selling like hot cakes", booksellers said. The book on Partition has reached Lahore and people are thronging the bookshops to buy the book.The book was put on sale at bookshops in Lahore on Wednesday night. "More than 10 copies are sold in the first one hour" The sale price of the book is Rs.600 in India and Rs1200 in Pakistan. Another bookseller said "the demand for the book is growing "I think we should book some millions of copies" . On Wednesday night, former ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Quaed-e-Azam) secretary general Mushahid Hussain telephoned Jaswant Singh and congratulated him on his book , appreciated him for "revealing the facts" in his book. He extended the invitation on behalf of his party on book launch in Pakistan. Jaswant Singh accepted the invitation and said that it would be an honour for him to share the views in Pakistan on the invitation of the PML(Q) Meanwhile, one of the persons who was to host Mr Singh in Pakistan for a visit scheduled for this week said the former BJP leader was unable to make the trip as he had been den ied security clearance by the Indian government. DT 000000000