Pakistan: Muslims kidnap eight Christians

Date: 30 Aug 2009


Wilders: 80-year-old Muslim who married 10-year-old "is behaving like a pig, just like the barbarous Prophet Mohammed, who married the six year old girl Aisha" | Main | Iran wants talks with Muslim states on Iraq » August 29, 2009 Pakistan: Muslims kidnap eight Christians Will the Islamophobia never end? "Taliban kidnap Christians in Waziristan," from the Pakistan Christian Post, August 29 (thanks to Jeffrey Imm): Peshawar: August 27, 2009. (PCP) The Taliban of Pakistan have kidnapped 8 Christians in South Waziristan according to reports released by political agent of Waziristan Agency. The Christian were traveling in a truck from North Waziristan to South Waziristan when Taliban stopped them few miles away from Razmak, where they were living from decades. The Christian, Hindus and Sikhs have left tribal area when Taliban imposed protection tax on minorities in January 2009. The Sikhs and Christians were allowed to stay in tribal area after paying ’Jizia” but majority left Taliban controlled FATA and migrated to other parts of Pakistan. The Sikhs and Hindus decided to go to India which brought Protection Tax issue in media. The recent abduction of 8 Christians have created wave of fear among their relatives living in Punjab and NWFP. There was abduction of 7 Christian from a Church in vicinity of Peshawar University but they were released by Taliban Commander Mangal Shah with a deal from government after two days.... Posted by Robert at August 29, 2009 10:29 AM Print this entry | Email this entry | Digg this | | Buzz up! Comments ........................ ........................ Are we still under any illusions that there can be any peaceful and fair coexistence (dhimmitude doesn't count) between Muslims and Christians? The Taliban are acting exactly as the Qur'an and Muhammad have commanded them. This is the true attitude of Islam toward Christians, and this is born out in Islamic sacred texts and Islamic history. Posted by: Virgil at August 29, 2009 10:49 AM The Sikhs and Christians were allowed to stay in tribal area after paying ’Jizia” but majority left Taliban controlled FATA and migrated to other parts of Pakistan. .................... Were these eight kidnap victims good Jizya-paying dhimmi Christians, or did they have the temerity to believe they could live in peace without having to pay protection money to Taliban thugs? Maybe the Taliban just say another opportunity to wring ransom money out of the community--or maybe they just felt like terrorizing vulnerable Christians. This is how precarious the lives of Infidels are where ever Islam predominates. Posted by: gravenimage at August 29, 2009 11:04 AM The Christians of Punjab must learn a strong lesson from this. Do not count on the government or anyone else to protect you. Beg, barrow or steal but make sure you arm every Christian in Punjab. Meet violence with violence meet love with. Posted by: Xavier at August 29, 2009 11:17 AM The Muslim taxman cometh..... this jiyzah thing is only a temporary thing...the Muslims intend to kill these people sooner or later... Posted by: pulsar182 at August 29, 2009 11:31 AM Enquiry into Taliban fund-raising as leader seen with BMW. Posted by: MrsJ at August 29, 2009 11:45 AM MrsJ: Baluchistan Mule Works? Posted by: MarisolJW at August 29, 2009 12:46 PM Pay Jizya... ...and they'll kill you LAST. Every Christian or Jew or Hindu ( even anamist or atheist/agnostic) needs to own and KNOW HOW TO USE a rifle. It's gonna come to that -- sooner rather than later. Posted by: deMontjoie at August 29, 2009 1:34 PM Christians in Kenya fought back Christians in Nigeria are fighting back Christians in Sudan are finally fighting back African black Muslims are finally getting enuff sense to get out of Islam Arab Muslims in Africa are still killing black Africans evil American Muslims say and do nothing Infidels have to always save fools Fools rush in, again. This time we have no choice! Posted by: tilly at August 29, 2009 1:37 PM Almost everywhere that Christians are the minority and Muslims the majority, the Christians are the target of a violent cultural jihad. The Christians in Iraq, Egypt, Pakistan, Sudan, Pakistan, and Kosovo hang on by a thread, not the mention the Christians in Iran and Turkey that live at the mercy of Islamic "tolerance" (as long as they the good dhimmi they postpone, for the most part, the fate that has fallen Christians elsewhere). The Muslims in Bosnia, Nigeria, and Kenya are even now in the process of imposing Islamic supremacy upon the Christians in those countries. So while the Muslims refuse to show a shred of tolerance to Christians, they demand special treatment from Christians in the West. The sad thing is that too many Christians, including the archbishop of Canterbury, are all to eager to give the Muslims everything they ask, convincing themselves that Islam is a "religion of peace" and an inheritor of the spiritual legacy of Abraham. Yet more reason to prevent any further immigration of Muslims into the West. Posted by: Virgil at August 29, 2009 2:24 PM I'm pretty scared again. These stories about Muslims mean that when they come to the United States in force, they will kill us. And..they don't have to beg to come in..we pull them in...even if it means discomfiting American citizens. The American MSM deny, ignore, even refute..and the liberals do the same....but how in the blazes does our US government expect to protect us, its citizens, from the killing Moslems? That's right..from the killing Moslems? the government striking secret deals? Are the Moslems getting ready to slaughter American citizens? That's right..that's a real question... are the Moslems getting rid to kill a lot of us? And is our government in cahoots with SOME OF THEM? I never thought it would come to this..when I am as afraid of my government as I am of Moslems ...who have no problem killing me in the name of a Merciful Allah... But my US Government? My G-d Posted by: harvard69 at August 29, 2009 3:06 PM harvard, and tilly google 'Orde Wingate'. Haganah. New Guardians of Israel. Read. Reflect. perhaps it may be necessary, in the West and beyond the West, to create a real-life version of J K Rowlings' fictional Order of the Phoenix (see the book of that name), to fight the real-life equivalent of the Death Eaters, those whom Oriana Fallaci called 'the sons of allah'. Membership of the de facto Order of the Phoenix = anyone who is not a Muslim and who intends to resist Jihad and Sharia. In the USA - Islamosavvy Jews, blacks, Christians, non-Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Native Americans, Latino and Anglo, *everybody*. In the meantime, join 'ACT for America'. Posted by: dumbledoresarmy at August 29, 2009 7:30 PM Friends, Countrymen, Patriots, the real story here is that these outrages go unreported by the MSM over and aver again.......You may disagree with me, but I must say that the selfsame spirit that is behind mohammedanism is also the same wicked spirit that drives and deceives our leftists here at home . The atheists among us will wink and smile at my words, but how long will it take for you to wake up and see the blatant spirituality of our struggle! Posted by: CJK at August 30, 2009 12:19 AM In Islam, this is a good thing. Terrorize the infidel dogs into submission. Then extort them forever. Which is where the MSM, all Western governments, academia, film-makers, musicians, artists, etc. have all shown their lack of balls and brains. They studiously fail to examine Islam's dismal dogmas. Or, if they do happen to read the damned Koran, and give a human assessment of it, they are soon scared into recanting their honest opinion of this morbid "faith" (see: spineless Faulks in the U.K. last week) Know Islam, no peace. Posted by: profitsbeard at August 30, 2009 9:58 AM 000000000