Date: 05 Sep 2009


DIALOGUE WITH A MUSLIM It is always extremely difficult to handle a Kashmiri or ANY Muslim. Their indoctrination is extreme. There would have been NO Pakistan if they could tolerate the non Muslims in their neighborhood or midst. In Indian Kashmir they have MORE privileges and facilities than the poor native Hindus/Sikhs. A Kashmiri Muslim can buy land, shop or house anywhere in India unlike his unfortunate Hindu counterpart in the 29 other States, from Assam down to Kerala.. But they want to have ALL the cake while looking at the non Muslims through the eyes of Mohammed as per KORAN. They even have a terrible derogatory / discriminatory word for all of us, including Gordon Brown: KAFIR. One mentioned the 2 billion pounds that UK spends on security. Security from whom? It is from the Muslims of the whole world. Due to them security at airports has reached horrendous limits as Abdul Kalam (ex PRESIDENT of Middle India) and Shah Rukh Khan (foremost actor of Bollywood) themselves saw. One ought to mention the Muslim ministers and governors in Middle India and also all the KHANS who dominate Bollywood besides the Hajj facilities and subsidies and support to Urdu at schools and universities, and the one-way marriages. At Mumbai seaport they are seen off from the special Hajj terminal like sons-in-law of Jawaharlal Nehru (himself a secret Muslim agent). Nehru would have given away Srinagar, too, (like Lahore that was 75% Hindu/Sikh) very easily but stopped short for two reasons: The British (Edwina & Louis Mountbatten) had left who could cover him, and the unfortunate fact (for Nehru) that the ruler was a Hindu. The Muslim point of view and way of life is as follows:- "I will produce children. I will have as many wives as possible up to the limit of four imposed by Rasul Allah but instead of going to normal secular school they will go to madrassa to learn KORAN by rote. I will expect CHARITIES and the UNO to feed us all. I want Sharia Law to impose tax on Hindus and Sikhs. That will supplement my family income and I will produce more children." It is impossible to argue or discuss reason or logic with a Muslim. To each and every one of them ISLAM comes first, then the Muslim community (“Ummah”) world-wide, finally the parents, but never the neighbours and fellow citizens, i.e., the innocent bystanders and shoppers who get shot, blown up or burn in blazes. 000000000