Miraj Riots in MAHARASHTRA: A Surge of Muslim Insolence

Date: 05 Sep 2009


Miraj Riots: A Surge of Muslim Insolence in Miraj September 4, 2009 Bhadrapad Krushna Pratipada, Kaliyug Varsha 5111 Videos covering some part of Miraj riots Miraj riots - Part 1 Miraj riots - Part 2 Truth of Miraj riots : Which secular media won’t tell you Muslims desecrate three Ganesh Idols &there have been attacks on Hindus at many places in Miraj (Dist. Sangali). Reason for Riot is the scene erected which depicts the slaying of Afzhal Khan. Muslims attacked the Police with sticks & stones. The Police arrested the Shiv Sena & other Pro-Hindu leaders stating the reason as being violation of the ‘Code of conduct’. One Tata Sumo of the Police, one Tata Indica of a citizen & another four wheeler were damaged by the rioting Muslims. The Police threatened Hindus who were not ready for Ganesh Idol Immersion due to Idol desecration. Muslim youth hoisted their Green flag on the top of SP (Superintendent of Police) Krushna Prakash’s van and he did nothing and on the other hand Krushna Prakash beat Hindu youth mercilessly and even beat Hindu women in their homes upon the false complaint from Muslim youth. SP Krushna Prakash folded his hands before Muslims to keep them quite. The same SP had mercilessly beaten Pujya Sambhajirao Bhide Guruji, founder, ‘Shivpratishthan’ and the activist of ‘Shivpratisthan’ while they were protesting against the anti-Hindu movie Jodha-Akbar in Sangali. http://www.hindujagruti.org/news/3815.html Muslims threw beef near a Hanuman Temple. Thus enraged Hindus attacked a few mosques. Police arrested MLA Mr. Chandrakantdada Patil, Suresh Khade, ex-MLA Sambhajirao Pawar, Deputy Mayor Mr. Shekhar Inamdar, District chief of Shivsena, many Shivsainiks and Hindu youths. 'Bandh' in Sangali continued even on the 2nd day. All Hindus including Hindu women were silently taking out a protest march but the Police stopped them and started beating them mercilessly. Even women were not spared. Ganesh Mandals refused to immerse Idols until the scene of Afzhal Khan’s killing was erected again. Muslim ladies in the surrounding areas left their homes one day prior to the riots. The Police arrested four Hindus and mercilessly beat those who were stoning the Hotel and at the same time they just arrest the Muslim coming out from the Hotel with a 'Koyta' (a type of heavy knife used to break coconuts) Dear Hindus, Now the Maharashtra elections are coming up in October. Do remember these sins of the Anti-Hindu Congress on Hindus and decide to whom you wish to give your valuable votes. O Hindus by birth (Janmhindu), When you will create History like Shivaji Maharaj by creating fear in the hearts of the Enemies (of Hindu Dharma)? O Hindus, Ganesh Idol Immersion should be done with burning revenge towards those who destroy our Idols. The Immersion procession is not for mindless enjoyment ! Updates Miraj Riots: A Surge of Muslim Insolence in Miraj (5 Sept 09) Riot situation takes an ugly turn in Miraj, Beef thrown near Maruti temple (4 Sept 09) Impotency of the police - bowing before Muslims and beating unarmed Hindus ! (4 Sept 09) Miraj (Sangali): Muslims desecrate three Ganesh Idols & Hindus attacked (3 Sept 09) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miraj Riots: A Surge of Muslim Insolence in Miraj September 5, 2009 Bhadrapad Krushna Pratipada, Kaliyug Varsha 5111 Is the Congress, that dumped Hindus to the mercy of Muslims for 3 days, fit to rule? *Ganesha Committees refuse to immerse the Idols *‘Bandh’ continued on second day in Sangli *Police oppress Hindus *Arrest of devout Hindus go on; strong rage among Hindus Miraj (Maharashtra): Muslims objecting to arches depicting scenes of Afzal Khan’s killings, broke Ganesha Idols. In addition, there were infuriating incidents of throwing beef near the Maruti Mandir and the Jain Mandir. This was followed with the breaking of vehicles owned by Hindus and attacking Hindus with swords. (Such a Congress regime will remind Hindus of the regimes of the cruel Mughal kings ! Hindus, in the forthcoming elections be sure to eliminate the Mughal style Regime that our country has to endure due to the Congress! – Editor SP) Today, in retaliation, the Hindus too became aggressive. On the third day after the riots, the Hindus tried to take out a rally but Police ‘lathi’ charged innocent Hindus. (When Muslims attacked Hindus, the Police performed their duty to the extent of being mute spectators but when Hindus took out a rally in protest, they started trashing the Hindus. Why then should Hindus pay taxes for the upkeep of Policemen who are a threat to the lives of Hindus? – Editor SP) The Police did not spare even Hindu women. They hurt the women, chased Hindu youth in the gullies and brutally beat them up. (Hindus, make a note of these Policemen. When active and devout Hindus come to power, be prompt at taking strict action against them! – Editor SP) On the following day of Anant Chaturdashi, the Ganesha Committees were firm on their decision to immerse the Idols only after re-erection of the arch depicting the scene of the slaying of Afzal Khan. Miraj was still seething on the third day, under the cudgels of the Idol-breaking Muslims and the objection they have raised about the history of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The Hindu women, who were on their way to submit a representation in a lawful manner, were ‘lathi’ charged by the Police in Shrikant Chowk. (Tomorrow when such Policemen are brutally attacked by Muslims for being ‘kafirs’, then should Hindus even consider rescuing them? – Editor SP) By using force on women, the Police have once again proved that the laws are enforced only for the Hindus in this country. (Nobody should be surprised if tolerant Hindus get fed up with the lenient and respectful behaviour of the Police towards the Muslims. No one can be shocked if gentle Hindus are forced to abandon their tolerant ways and follow in the footsteps of the brutal dastardly Muslims! – Editor SP) Outburst of Hindu rage before the elected representatives ! Yesterday, the Police barged into the houses of Hindu youth and beat them up even while they were studying. The enraged Hindu women gathered near ‘Datta Mangal Karyalaya’ since morning. They condemned all the elected representatives. The chief of Surabhi Ganesha Committee tried to pacify them but he was helpless against the furore created by the womenfolk. Later, many leaders reached the place which included Chandrakantdada Patil, a BJP MLA, Suresh Khade, MLA, Sambhajirao Pawar, former MLA, Deputy Mayor Shekhar Inamdar. But the women and other members, who had gathered there, refused to listen to them. For a long time, nobody was in a mood to listen to these representatives. Chandrakantdada Patil declared that he would be going on hunger strike until the arch was re-erected. Then the women agreed to go with him to submit the representation. Thousands of Hindus gathered at Shrikant Chowk to submit the representation while raising slogans. The Police were there in large numbers. They stopped the huge rally taken out by Hindus. (Our protective Police force who never fails to bow before Muslims is none the less ever prompt to stifle any sound made by Hindus !– Editor SP) The Police try to throttle 'Dainik Sanatan Prabhat' (DSP) DSP published detailed news about the oppression of Hindus by the Police Department, attacks on Hindus by fanatic Muslims in its today's issue. A copy of the issue was displayed on a board of a Ganesha Committee at Saraf Katta which helped Hindus to know the true situation. The Police, however, could not tolerate the awakening created among Hindus towards Dharma due to the newspaper and they took away the issue in the afternoon. While taking down the Dainik, the Police also noted down the names of the members of the Committee. Many Hindus were infuriated with the Polices’ behaviour towards the fourth pillar of democracy -Journalism. Police again ‘lathi’ charge Hindus at immersion procession of Sree Ganesha in Amalner (Dist. Jalgaon) Police bullying only against Hindus ! Amalner (Maharashtra): On 31st August, the Police had ‘lathi’ charged members of ‘Jai Bhavani Mitramandal (JBM)’ near ‘Dagadi Chawl’ for no rhyme or reason. The same thing happened even on the day of Anant Chaturdashi. (Note down the names and addresses of these Policemen who have been unnecessarily beating up Hindus to break their spirit so as to uphold Muslims! – Editor SP) The police started a ‘lathi’ charge as the procession of ‘JBM’ reached the same spot. Hindus brought it to the notice of the police that the Muslims were taking advantage of the situation and pelting stones at them. Still they continued to beat up Hindus. As a result, some Hindus got angry and started pelting stones. Later, the immersion of the Idol was done. (Hindus must remember to be armed with weapons permitted by the law. Strong squads of Hindus need to accompany every protest rally. Hindu youth must now train themselves in self defense and be in full readiness to protect Dharma! – Editor SP) On the same night, some unknown persons broke the door of a mosque in Balemiya Chowk. Muslims started a hunger strike to protest against the incident and demanded the arrest of Hindus. The Police have, therefore, started arresting any Hindu that they see in Maliwada, Bhoiwada, Pankhidki and Pailad areas. (Much like the Muslims, the Police too are equally after the lives of Hindus. However when Muslims unleash their fierce aggression even on the Police, then Hindus will have to decide whether they should rush to their aid or turn their backs on them! – Editor SP) In the meanwhile, news about the death of a person hit in the town which led to the mushrooming of rumours, which in turn caused delicate situation to unfold. Additional Police forces have been deployed but there is a veil of tension that shrouds the deceptive calm in town. Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Riot situation takes an ugly turn in Miraj, Beef thrown near Maruti temple September 4, 2009 Bhadrapad Pournima, Kaliyug Varsha 5111 Three Hindus going for immersion of Idol attacked by Muslims with Swords Devout Hindus firm on immersion of Idols but only after action is taken against Muslims Muslims stonning Ganesh Idol of Maharana Pratap Ganesh Mandal Miraj (Maharashtra): During the Ganesha festival, a scene depicting the killing of Afzal Khan was displayed on an arch erected in Miraj and the local Muslims had started riots on that pretext. The city was peaceful but laced with a palpable tension. Devout Hindus were firm on the immersion of idols but only after re-erection of the said arch. The Police kept Hindus busy in discussions but had no control over the fanatic Muslims. (What else can you expect from the Police in a pro-Muslim Congress Government ? Why should Hindus then pay tax and provide for such a Police force ? - Editor SP) Three Hindus were brutally attacked by many Muslims. (How long are we going to tolerate such Muslim attacks during our festivals ? - Editor SP) The condition of one of the Hindus is serious. This has created a blotch on the great tradition of immersion of Sree Ganesha idols followed in Miraj and the Ganesha festival ended without immersion of idols. (Hindus beware ! Today the tradition of immersion has been broken. If the appeasement of Muslims by Congress Govt. goes on and Muslims continue to be insolent as usual; next time, it may become difficult to even bring home and worship Ganesha idols. Overthrow this vote-hungry Congress Government in the forthcoming elections to avoid such a situation ! - Editor SP) Police taking away desecrated Ganesh Idol for immersion Since last night, the Police have arrested all the main leaders of the Shiv Sena. There was a big question mark about the immersion of Idols. A decision was taken that immersion would be done only after the Police take action against the Muslims. The Police tried to meet the Ganesha Committees and requested them to immerse the Idols. (Such advice by the Police shows that they have neither the wish to take action against Muslims nor are they competent to do so. Tomorrow, if such Policemen are attacked by Muslims, why should Hindus rush to their help ? - Editor SP) In the meanwhile, Muslims were breaking into the houses of Hindus in groups causing damage to them. (How can Muslims terrorise Hindus in Bharat which is supposed to be a country with Hindus in majority ? When are Hindus going to create awe for themselves so that no Muslim would dare to even look at a Hindu house ? - Editor SP) First, stones were pelted at the houses of Hindus from a mosque in Kamnves area; at many places, Hindus were beaten up. (The Police were prompt in arresting Shivsainiks but they turned a blind eye to the fanatic uncontrolled Muslims attacking Hindus! - Editor SP) Responding to the Police appeal, one of the Ganesha committees was taking the Idol for immersion but the Muslims attacked them with swords. (The Police appeal to Hindus to immerse the idols but provide no protection to them. How will Hindus believe a word of the Police in future? - Editor SP) Mr. Anand Jadhav was hit on head with sword; in fact, there were many such incidents going on. Mr. Vipin Deshpande was also attacked with swords. The Police try to avoid registering complaints of injured Hindus! Mr. Anand Jadhav, who got injured in the attack, went to the Police station to lodge a complaint. He was accompanied by Mr. Parashuram Uparkar, a Shiv Sena MLA and Mr. Suresh Kahde, a BJP MLA. But the Police bombarded them with questions and deliberately confused them. (It is the usual practice for the Police to harass Hindus. When the Police behave in such a manner even in the presence of MLAs, how then must they be treating common Hindus ? - Editor SP) Mr. Uparkar confronted the Police and asked them how they could ask such irrelevant and confusing questions although two MLAs were present there. The Police inspector stepped in at that moment and registered the complaint. Beef thrown near a Maruti Temple ! Muslims threw beef near a Hanuman Temple. Thus enraged Hindus attacked a few mosques. Few chadars from the mosques were burnt. Furious Hindus damaged a vehicle of the son-in-law of MLA, Hafiz Dhatture. 'Hindu Ekta Andolan's arch re-erected ! Yesterday, Muslims had torn an arch erected by 'Hindu Ekta Andolan', a pro-Hindu organisation. Its members, however, re-erected the same today. On the other hand, the Police stuck a picture of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj on the arch depicting the scene of the killing of Afzal Khan. Police Superintendent, Krushnsprakash was meeting Ganesha committees since 3.00 p.m. and telling them that politics had percolated down to even the immersions and that Police protection would be provided for immersion. (When the Congress Govt. and the Police Department are playing politics by not taking action against the impudent Muslims, the Police superintendent is not even ashamed to admit it to the Hindus! - Editor SP). Many members of the Ganesha committees were angry. Re-erect the arch depicting the slaying of Afzal Khan and take action against the idol-breakers - demand devout Hindus The Administration should put back the picture depicting the scene of slaying of Afzal Khan on the arch in Shrikant Chowk. Take action against those who were dancing with green flags on the top of the vehicle of the Police Superintendent. Take immediate action against those who damaged Ganesha idols, these were the demands made by devout Hindus in a meeting. It has also been decided that until the above demands are not met, immersion processions would not be taken out, even if it were to last up to an entire year. Additional Inspector General of Police belittles photographers The media persons were this time the target of Mr. Ashok Dheevare, the IGP of Kolhapur zone. Although the Police had invited the members of Ganesha committees to the Police station for a meeting, Dheevare tried to disperse them. (What do such Police officers think of themselves, do they own the public ? - Editor SP) He snatched a camera from a photographer and admonished him. He was quite rude even with the journalists and asked them to push off. He told them, "You do your jobs sitting in your offices and let us do our jobs. We will give you the details in the night. Do not roam around on the roads." The journalists have openly protested against his statements. Highlights Police barged into the houses of many innocent Hindus from Shastri Chowk, Annabhau Sathenagar, Nadives, Vairan Bazar areas and brutally beat them up. The furious womenfolk went to the Police station and cried out loudly at the Police station which was very heart-breaking. Mr. Suresh Awati, a municipal corporator along with a few elected representatives of people confronted the Police for beating innocent Hindus Police protection was provided to all mosques for all 24 hours but there was no such protection for Hindu temples. Many committee members were making their own security arrangements for the idols. Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Impotency of the police - bowing before Muslims and beating unarmed Hindus ! September 4, 2009 Bhadrapad Pournima, Kaliyug Varsha 5111 Police, who have two different set of rules for Hindus and Muslims, cannot do justice to the citizens! Anti-Hindu police take no action against stone-pelters since they are Muslims and on the contrary, target Hindus On seeing the big arch depicting the scene of slaying of Afzal Khan, yesterday, Muslims started riots at Miraj. They have denigrated idols of Sree Ganesha, hoisted a green flag on the vehicle of the District Police Chief. Thus, in general, they have crossed all the limits. We reproduce below for our readers some of the news compiled by other newspapers which will make them realise the present situation of the Nation and Dharma. The District Police Chief is responsible for riots, rather than keeping the Muslims under control, he is more interested in giving speeches The Police Department made an appeal to the youth from the minority community. An attempt was made to reduce the tension; but the crowd paid no heed to the appeal made by Krushna Prakash. He kept on talking for 45 minutes; but nobody seriously listened to him or even took note of his speech. (Dainik Pratidhvani, 3rd September 2009, Page 1) Muslims did not care even for Mohandas Gandhi; So what is Krushna Prakash going to do? Muslims immediately give a proof of the same by starting riots. Speech created problems Mirajkars were put into trouble by the speech and show of by DSP Krushna Prakash. He was talking nearly for 45 minutes near the arch of Hindu Ekata on peace. The fanatics took no notice of his speech. There were only a few members of the minority community present for his talk. If Krushna Prakash would have driven them out at that time, the disaster that took place later could have been avoided. But the DSP was busy giving speeches and flying 'peace' balloons; this is what is being alleged. (Dainik Pratidhvani, 3/9/09, page 1) Such a DSP who helps to bring the Muslims together is responsible for the riots. Hindus must follow up with the matter untill he has to step down from his post. DSP folds his hands ! DSP Krushnaprakash, who brags about beating up miscreants, became so helpless before the riots that he folded his hands before the crowd to request them to maintain peace. Instead, he should have taken out his stick. When the DSP was bowing before them, the fanatic youth exhibited their hidden audacity by climbing on his vehicle and flying green flags. As stone-pelting began, the DSP left the place. More police force was deployed but Krushna Prakash was just helplessly watching the turn of events rather than weilding his stick. (Dainik Pratidhvani, 3/9/09, page 4) How can such a DSP, who become helpless and forgets to take lawful action against Muslims, bring the riots under control? A DSP, who bow’s before Muslims, is very harsh when it comes to beating Hindus. This once again emphasises the importance of Hindus unity. The Police turn a blind eye towards Muslims As the Muslims started pelting stones, the common citizens were also caught along with the police. The angry policemen instead of punishing the offenders beat up the citizens who were just standing there and watching the incident. (Ref: Dainik Rashtrageet, 3/9/09, page 1) Policemen, who do not take action against the stone throwing mob just because they are Muslims, and target innocent Hindus, are anti-Hindus ! Childish statement by DSP The DSP made a statement that it was a ploy to malign his name and thus made a fool of himself. (Dainik Mahasatta, 3/9/09, page 2) What is the use of such DSP who instead of trying to bring the situation under control, is misleading citizens by passing such statements? Administration not bothered about Hindus Police DIG Dheevare and District Collector Shyam Vardhane held discussions with Hindus in Miraj when MLA Suresh Khade and members like Bajarang Patil demanded to lodge a complaint against the denigration of Sree Ganesha idols; but they were told that first care should be taken to bring the situation under control by the Administration (Dainik Janapravas, 3/9/09 - page 1) What is the use of such policemen who shy away when in front of Muslims? Due to the sudden stone pelting started by Muslims, Krushna Prakash lost his cool and went to his vehicle and started instructing his officers and policemen (Dainik Punyanagari - 3/9/09 - page 4) Action taken only against devout Hindus Pro-Hindu Organisations have accused the police of targeting and taking action only against devout Hindus (Dainik Punyanagari , 3/9/09 - page 4) Promptness of police! On failing to nab the miscreants, police promptly removed a picture from the historical arch of Shiv Sena. (Ref: Dainik rashtrageet - 3/9/09 - page 1) Hindus must keep a note of such prompt police at the time of revolution. As both the groups had come face to face, the situation became quite explosive in Kisan Chowk. DSP Krushna Prakash was appealing to both the groups to maintain peace, few youth from one (Muslim) group were dancing on the vehicle of DSP with green flags. Although there was a big battalion of policemen present near the vehicle, nobody stopped these youth. (Ref. dainik Pudhari, 3/9/09 - page 2) The Muslim youth flying green flags have shown what they think of not only DSP but also of the Government. It is only due to the mental circumcision of both the Congress parties that Muslims are sure of going scot-free. Mrs. Sunita More told the reporters that police officers, who were just watching the farce of Muslims dancing on their vehicle, are now trying to save their skin by holding devout Hindus responsible for everything. (Dainik Pratidhvani, 3/3/09- page 4) Krushnaprakash's regime is against Hindus During the regime of DSP Krushnaprakash, two such incidents have taken place where the sentiments of Hindus have been hurt (Dainik Rashtrageet , 3/9/09 - page 4) Fanatic youth were denigrating Hindu Deities. The arch erected by Hindu Ekta was damaged. The arch of Akhil Bharatiya Maratha Mahasangha was also pierced and stones were pelted. The minority youth did not stop at that. They pelted stones even at the Ganesha idols installed by Maharana Pratap Ganesha Mandal near Fire Station and another Ganesha in Guruvar Peth. The idol was damaged. This increased the tension making the situation quite explosive. The Police used force when the idol of Sree Ganesha was denigrated near the Fire Station. 'Puja' was performed and the idol was shifted for immersion. The members of the Maharana Pratap Ganesha Mandal who resolved to perform 'puja' only after the culprits were nabbed, were dispersed by the police by charging them with lathis. (Dainik Pratidhvani, 3/9/09, page 4) Source: Daily Sanatan Prabhat -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miraj (Sangali): Muslims desecrate three Ganesh Idols & Hindus attacked September 3, 2009 Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturdashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5111 • Muslims start riot due to Afzal Khan killing scene • Muslims desecrate ‘Welcome Screens’ of Hindus • Muslims shout ‘Alla-hu-Akbar’ Miraj (Maharashtra): The Shiv Sena erected a large scene of ‘Afzal Khan being killed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’ in Shrikant Square. In the afternoon, Muslims took objection to this scene and started to close in around it in groups. (This is nothing but a planned attack on Hindus by Afzal Khan’s Muslim descendants. Now Hindus need to become the warriors of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to repel such attacks ! – Editor SP) Welcome screen of 'Hindu Ekata Andolan' damaged by rioting Muslims Then Muslims damaged the ‘Welcome Screen’ erected by Hindu Ekata Andolan (Hindu Unity Movement) and desecrated the Ganesh Idol of Maharana Pratap Mandal by using sticks and stones. (O Hindus, Muslim are so sure that ‘No one will take action against us under this Congress regime, no matter how we act against Hindus’. Also the Anti-Hindu media channels will not dare to broadcast the truth of what really happens in such riots for the Hindus to take cognizance of the reality that surrounds them. To change this situation, it is the need of the hour to boycott the Congress Government in the forthcoming elections ! – Editor SP) Then Muslims desecrated various Ganesh Idols in Guruvar Peth, Fort Area and some other parts of the city and proved their Anti-Hindu nature. (O Hindus, stop these Idol breaking Muslims today itself or else tomorrow they will emboldened and sufficiently encouraged to break your heads. Muslims have a very long history of repeatedly desecrating Idols ! – Editor SP) The Police had shown resistance to the idea of the Shiv Sena using the scene of Afzal Khans killing in Shrikant square. (Why should Hindus pay taxes for the upkeep of such a lily livered Police force? – Editor SP) Shiv Sena leader MLA Mr. Diwakar Ravate declared that this scene would be erected when he was touring Sangli District. Shiv Sena activists completed all the administrative procedures, took police permission & erected the scene. Muslims started to at the venue of the scene from 8 AM in the morning. (This proves the alertness of Muslims about the issues related to their religion! – Editor SP) Many Muslims took photographs of the image of Afzal Khan’s killing. Fanatic Muslims started to gather together around the scene by 12 noon. (Hindus must learn from Muslims actions to have such zeal for their religion ! – Editor SP) Many slogans were also heard from nearby Mosques. (Art of Pressurisation by Muslims! – Editor SP) Then many Muslim groups started to go towards Shrikant Square. There Hindus came face to face with the Muslims. District Police chief Mr. Krushna Prakash was appealing to all to keep the peace from his Police vehicle. (If Hindus would have came outside in groups like Muslims, the Police would have immediately arrested them ! – Editor SP) But Muslims continued their demand to remove Afzal Khan’s killing scene from that spot. (Due to appeasement of Muslims by Congress & its Police Department, Muslims have become so aggressive! – Editor SP) Muslims pelting stones towards Hindus & Police Some Muslims even tried to host a Green Flag from the stage of the Hindu Ganesh Mandal. (O Hindus, do we live in Hindu majority India or Muslim majority Pakistan? – Editor SP) In reaction to this act, Hindu tried to host Saffron Flag. But Muslims started heavy stone pelting. They damaged the pundol erected for the ‘Welcome Screen’ of Hindu Ekata Andolan (Hindu Unity Movement). Then Muslims desecrated the Ganesh Idol of Maharana Pratap Ganesh Mandal. Muslim youth hosting their Green flag on the top of Police van Blow of Muslim on Police! Muslim MLA Hafiz Dhatture tried to stop rioting Muslims, but Muslims attacked him & other Police officials present there. A group of 5-6 Muslims attacked single policeman with sticks & stones. (Police, now you only have to suffer due to the intolerable appeasement of Muslims. For so long the Police have suppressed Hindus, but now they have to suffer as a result of their mistakes ! – Editor SP) In the afternoon, Hindus also came onto the roads to resist the Muslims. Stone pelting continued from both sides. So Police started a lathicharge & used tear gas to disperse the rioting people. Anti-Hinduism of the Police! The Police arrested the Shiv Sena & other Pro-Hindu leaders stating the reason of ‘Code of conduct’ (Achar Sanhita). (Had the Police forgotten their Code of conduct, when Muslims were going towards Afzal Khan’s killing scene in groups? The Police make use of such reasons only to suppress. If tomorrow Muslims attack such a Police force for being ‘Kafirs’, then why should Hindus save them from Muslims? – Editor SP) Then the Police removed the Afzal Khan killing scene at around 5.15 P.M. In the mean time rioters dispersed, but Muslims were attacking Hindus at many places. They damaged Pandols (Mandap) erected for the Ganesh Festival in Guruvar Peth & Fort area. They were attacking any Hindu that came before them. Muslims also desecrated Three Ganesh Idols. Highlights • All the shops in the city were shut down after the Stone pelting. • The Police had to rope in the ‘Special Task force’ & ‘Reserved State Police Force’ to control the situation. • Many Police were present in Shrikant Square, but they ignored the Hindu lady’s complaint of attack on Hindus by Muslims. • One Tata Sumo of the Police, one Tata Indica of a citizen & another four wheeler were damaged by the rioting Muslims. • Mayor Mainuddin Bagwan & MLA Sudhir Khade visited the place after the removal of the scene of Afzal Khan’s killing. The Police threatened Hindus who were not ready for Ganesh Idol Immersion due to Idol desecration! Activists of Maharana Pratap Ganesh Mandal refused to immerse desecrated Idols of Sree Ganesh. So the Police attacked them inhumanly with a lathicharge. (The Police do not take action against Muslims, as Muslims burn Police personnel. As Hindus do not treat the Police in that way, Hindus have to suffer from Police attack ! – Editor SP) At this time Hindu ladies started shouting recklessly seeing the lathicharge on Hindus. (What is the use of such useless shouting ? Hindu ladies must also act according to the situation, as do Muslim ladies ! – Editor SP) Then Police covered the desecrated Ganesh Idol & took the Idol away in their vehicle, for immersion. Assistant Election officer Dr. Vikas Kharat said, “We are scrutinizing Shiv Sena’s completion of all procedures. We will take a decision after it.” The Shiv Sena’s Ladies wing chief , Mrs. Sunita More, demanded the arrest of Muslims who desecrated Ganesh Idols & destroyed the Welcome scenes of Hindus. (Now Hindus do not expect such demands only to be made by the Shiv Sena. Instead the Hindus want the Shiv Sena to take action so that such a riot will take place in future ! – Editor SP) Source:Daily Sanatan Prabhat Also See Hindu Genocide in Kashmir & Bangladesh Online photo exhibition of Hindu genocide and temples destruction in Kashmir by local Muslims. Series of exhibitions being arranged. Read more Save temples from Anti-Hindus Temples are the centres of Hindu Dharma. Anti Hindu forces like Muslims, Congress, Christians has constantly targetted them. HJS is fighting against these forces. Read more Related Articles » Brutal attack on Hindus, Muslims damaged Sree Ganesha idols » Hindu man butchered in Meerut village for falling in love with a Muslim girl » Muslims, carrying a calf of a cow, attack Hindus for accosting them ! » Muslims attack Hindu activist of Shiv Sena in Dombivali Disclaimer: The news published are collected from various sources and responsibility of news lies solely on the source itself. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti or its website is not in anyway connected nor is it responsible for the news content presented here. Post comment | Print Article | Send to friends | Save as PDF Comments bhagavaan daas, Canada 03 Sep 2009, 22:24 TO ALL HINDUUS ---- HINDUU NEEDS VARUN GAANDHII ,NARENDR MODII AND MANY LIKE THEM FOR SURE , NOT VAAJPAAI, NOT ADAVAANII , NOT VASUNDHARAA RAJE , NOT JASAVANT SINGH ETC. ETC. FOR SURE . AND FOR SURE NOT PEOPLE LIKE GAANDHII AND NAHARU WHO ACCEPTED INDIAS PARTITION AND DID NOT ALLOW MUSLIMS TO QUIT INDIA AND TO GO TO HELL AND INTRODUCED MANY LAWS TO PLEASE MUSLIMS AND NOT HINDUUS. SHAME ON THESE PEOPLE AND PEOPLE LIKE THEM . MILLIONS OF SHAMES ON THEM . AND MILLIOMS OF CURSES FROM ME AND FROM TRUE HINDUUS !!!!!!!!!!! EACH OF THEM HAS EARNED A SPECIAL SEAT IN ETERNAL HELL !!!!!!!!!! Mayuresh Mulye, India (Bharat) 04 Sep 2009, 00:00 After all this when HINDUS are going to UNITE. When are we going to act like HINDUS who have fought after "GODHRA HATYAKAND" in Gujrat. We need to train ourselfs like JIHADIS train themselfs. HINDU RAKTA JAGA HO ! - JAI HINDUTVA Rajesh Pishey, India (Bharat) 04 Sep 2009, 02:58 It is now clear that this kind of incident will keep occuring till and whereever the ruling party rules.... If this would have been happened in gujarat or karnataka they would have hit back with full vengeance and it would be global news... Wakeup brave marathas of maharashtra make a movie about the greatness of Shivaji Maharaj like they did Jodha Akbar portraying akbar... Let truth prevail... ghewari saurabh, India (Bharat) 04 Sep 2009, 03:03 Hindus should note this incident of miraj& should be ready to oppose the discrete of our lords & dharm> so i request to all hindus to support the HINDUS sansthas & organization. • Post your comment Vignesh.V.Shanbhag, India (Bharat) 04 Sep 2009, 04:15 Its a shame that police be strict only during Hindu festivval.. why Police will not be strict on Ramzan and ID?? does this police belong to Pakistan or Bharath?? Yuvraj, India (Bharat) 04 Sep 2009, 04:41 What ever the partial Indians (who dont belive they are INDIAN) or can be termed as NRI(Non Reliable Indians) Can't change the History and they should be loyal to India and its Constitution not for the Neighbour Countries who have already giveup them. The act of such group of people has also affect the Other Groups of their community which are real Indians. And only one question, I want to ask them all by such act does their fasting or their "Dua" (Worship) get accepted ("Get Kabul") by their GOD? Kreshna, Singapore 04 Sep 2009, 10:15 The pathetic thing about Hindus is after all this crap, they will still fail to unite. North Indians won't mix with south Indians. South Indians will see north indians as Aryans. A malayalee is proud being a malayalee but not as a Hindu. Misery! We Hindus must realise whether we're north indians, south Indians, east Indians or west Indians regardless of what as long we are Hindu, we must be United. My advise is avoid watching Indian movies and dramas. Start buying all those Amar Chitra Comics which features our National Heros. Have a picture of Swami Vivekananda, Shivaji, Rana Pratap at your house.Start reading and telling about them to your kids from now on. Jai Bhavani..... vaibhav, India (Bharat) 04 Sep 2009, 12:19 Today it was in Miraj .. the next time it will be in your city or home .. HINDUS just relax .. if you are still sleeping take the sleeping pills and go for deep sleep .. coz by this incident we prove that HINDUS are of no use .. Shame on HINDUS .. If this continues then its not late to call MAHAN BHARAT as MUSLIMISTAN • Post your comment rahul patil, India (Bharat) 04 Sep 2009, 15:39 enough is enough!! i dont understand why the muslims have a problem with a shivaji maharaj slaying afzal khan which is the "TRUTH" &proved by every one including the historians...and that too on the final day of ganesh immersion. if they had any problem they could have solved it through dialouge... this time let they be no settlement..the police should arrest them for starting a riot & hurting the religious sentiments of hindus... And i'm really amazed not even a single news channel who have tall claims of covering the entire nation for true stories failed to cover this story reason being death of honourable chief minister of andhra pradesh... KAILASH, India (Bharat) 05 Sep 2009, 00:55 A warning to all the resident of india.if we can not protect our culture, our faith ,our religion.our own cummunity stand against us.A reminder is needed.it can be for us, or it can be for them?only thing is that is we need to decide. jai hind, KUMAR, France 05 Sep 2009, 02:27 It seems to be ...BANGLADESH or PAKISTAN !!! ------------------------------- " The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who dont't do anything about it" ALBERT EINSTEIN mohan, India (Bharat) 05 Sep 2009, 03:34 Believe me, in the muslim dominated area, hindus are staying like street dog in India. Its a ground reality, whether it is Kanpur, allhabad, Aligarh, Merrut, Hosanabad, Hyderabad,Miraj, Malegaon, Jalgaon, Bhadrak, Kendrapara(Orisa), all most all major parts of West Bengal, Assam, and Kerala. Mind my words hindus are second calss citizen of this nation. For the plight of this present state of afairs, hindus only to be blaim. I am also a hindu. But beleive me I trsined all native villagers how to tackle against these Islamic terorist.Further these so called mosques are not prayer centre, all are trorist mfg. factory.Arrest mindless vultire Dr.Zakir Naik first. Pl. Hindus be united. OM • Post your comment RAKESH RATHOD, India (Bharat) 05 Sep 2009, 03:48 this all should be stopped once and all and there must not be the talk about the seculirizam all people living in india are indian, if they are not loyal to the nation they must be expell form the country and we have to identify the person behind all this riots & the benefishiers strict reaction time is came now we have to be like israeli who do not care for rest of the world. jese ko tessa jawab dena hi hoga-after gujrat karnataka now it is time for maharshtra to give nice message to such offenders. Sethuraman, India (Bharat) 05 Sep 2009, 05:15 Dear Editor - Do you think that all these news is going to wake up the sleeping Hindus??? they will continue to sleep as evident from 2009 Lok Sabha elections..where 50% Hindus DO NOT VOTE ...with 20% Muslim Vote and 10% Christian Vote and other caste based votes...CONGRESS WINS AND WILL WIN...CONGRESS DOESNT NEED HINDU VOTES TO WIN...BECAUSE IT KNOWS THAT 50% HINDUS SLEEP ON THE ELECTION DAY!!!! THATS WHY IT APPEASES MUSLIMS , CHRISTIANS & OTHER CASTE BASED PEOPLE WHO SEEK MORE RESERVATION AND TO ANNOUNCE THEM AS BACKWARD COMMUNITY !!!The moment 50% SLEEPING HINDUS WAKE UP( like they did in GUJARAT, KARNATAKA & CHATTISGARH) this CONGRESS will be reduced to ashes!! JAI HIND Shriram, India (Bharat) 05 Sep 2009, 08:16 Let us all prove we are vanshaj of great Shivaji Maharaj, we have to learn lesson from this. If we didnt take any action, did not oppose Govt, police, few months later we will see miraj as Kashmir (as today). Congrats to all my Hindu brothers & sisters over there who are protesting & who have decided not to carry on Shri. Ganesh idol immersion (visarjan) till the attackers are punished. I am praying to Lord Ganesh to give all of us buddhi & shakti to tackle this situation & teach lesson to attackers. Kalpesh Patel, India (Bharat) 05 Sep 2009, 10:52 Where are our secular media? Where is NDTV, IBN7, Aaj Tak? If same thing is happened in Eid, then it will become national issue and human rights will start crying like hungrey babies. Where is our great lallu yadav, sonia bibi, mm singh, mullu singh and amar singh? Believe me, if we are not unite then our children will suffer. Be united. Be religeous, Go to temple atleast once in a day. Kalpesh Patel • Post your comment SUBRAMANIAN, India (Bharat) 05 Sep 2009, 12:49 My blood boils. Do not worry as per Nostradamus these people will be humbled .( Hindu destiny in Nostradamus by Hiranyappa) See what happened to YS RAJASHEKARA REDDY who pxxxxered the tirupathi temple . jai akhanda bharat murali, India (Bharat) 05 Sep 2009, 14:23 i think 'HINDU'stan becomes 'muslim'stan, hindus who are sleeping after this incident to buy bangles and wear them.hindu! Abhi to utho.bachao apna dharma bhoomiko!!yadi tum margaya to DAHAN karne ke liye bhi koi nahi bachega. yaad karo ek bhagat singh ko, yaad karo ek shivajiko,apne mutti me lo shastr aur chodo un rakshar par.utho hindu!utho!! 000000000