Date: 06 Sep 2009


Christian & Muslim missionaries are leaping ahead in NEPAL as if in competition with each other, with Hindu factor eliminated. Hindu resistance or counter action is NON EXISTENT. Who will attend to this scenario? We already see what has happened to our NUMBERS, IMAGE and STATUS in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Muslims aim at global conversion. Already the Islamic republics cover the globe to the extent that "sun never sets over Mohammed's empire." The Muslim slogan, "LAND FOR PEACE!" is world known. They took land from India in 1947. That amounted to nearly FIVE PROVINCES. They want land from Philippines. They want land in Western China. THEY WILL NOT RETURN AN INCH OF LAND IN NORTH KASHMIR. Now they want land from the Jews to shrink the size of Israel just what they did to India. They want LAND, LAND & LAND and then give the world peace. But if they keep winning then in the end there will be NO land left to give for peace. It is time the FREE and DEMOCRATIC world turned around and shouted in their ears, Mr. Obama listening, "PEACE FOR LAND!" and then make their life HELL everywhere, especially in PARTITIONED INDIA. We should try to advance the day when the Hindu disappearance (number & TERRITORY) is discussed seriously somewhere. But by whom and when and WHERE? 7 Sep 09 000000000 ===============