Date: 07 Sep 2009


QUESTIONS TO THE GOVERNORS While forthcoming meeting of prominent Ex-Servicemen on 10 Sep, by Gen (Retd) SF Rodrigues, the Governor of Punjab, who is a former Army Chief , to discuss matters related to their welfare is welcome, they are likely to ask some uncomfortable questions to His Excellency. Apart from the routine neglect of the Ex-Servicemen, many injustices have been heaped upon them by the govt .e.g. The 4th Pay Commission denied ‘Rank Pay’ to affected persons , forcing one Major Danapalam to get redress from the court but the govt did not provide such redressal to others similarly placed , contrary to the Supreme Court’s earlier ruling which stated that if redressal was given to one person, the concerned department was expected to provide the same to all other similarly placed. When the aforementioned case became public , what efforts did the retired army chief as governor make to get redressal to the thousands of affected Ex-Servicemen ? Again , glaring and massive injustice has been done to the Ex-Servicemen by the 6th Pay Commission forcing them to resort to agitation , including depositing their most prized and dearest asset , their medals with the President of India . What action did the former Army chief take to get them justice? Why the Department of Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare is NOT headed by a military officer as is the case in most democracies but by a bureaucrat ? Why the National Commission for Ex-Servicemen is NOT composed of members of the ‘User Group’ as is the case with commissions on ‘Women’ , ‘Minorities’ , ‘SC/BC’ and similar other such categories ? All Governors , specially the former soldiers, are advised that holding ritualistic meeting and platitudes would NOT do . They MUST do some thing concrete towards the Ex-Servicemen, who gave their yesterday for Nation’s tomorrow. ===================== INDIAN SOLDIERS FORGET THAT THEY ARE DYNASTY'S ARMY, NOT INDIA'S. ALL THE PAST WARS AND BATTLES ENDED EITHER IN CEASE FIRE, INCONCLUSIVELY OR EVEN IN THE RETURN OF CAPTURED TERRITORY (EAST BENGAL IN 1971). NONE NEEDS TO BLACKEN THEIR FACES ANY MORE. THEY WERE TOLD TO SIT DOWN OR LIE DOWN WITH THEIR WIVES ON AUGUST 15, 1947 WHEN PANDIT NEHRU SURRENDERED LAHORE TO THE ENEMY. FATHER OF NATION GANDHI THEN EMBRACED THE ENEMY AND DECLARED HIM BROTHER. IN SUCH A CUCKOOLAND THE ARMY NEED TO HELP THEMSELVES INSTEAD OF LOOKING UP TO THE (GOVERNOR) RODRIGUES OF THIS WORLD. THERE ARE ALSO PLENTY OF FEMALES AROUND FOR THIER COMFORT. THE MOTHER OF NATION SONIA GANDHI IS A FEMALE. THE PRESIDENT OF REPUBLIC OF INDIA IS A FEMALE THE SUPREME COMMANDER OF INDIAN ARMED FORCES IS A FEMALE WHO HAS TO BE IN BED FOR THREE DAYS EVERY MONTH EVEN DURING WARS. THE CHIEF MINISTER OF DELHI STATE IS A FEMALE THEIR OWN WIVES WHO RULE THEM AT HOME ARE ALL FEMALE. THE INDIAN ARMY IS UNDER FEMALES. SO MAY GOD HELP THEM. THEY ARE TAKING ORDERS FROM THE PRIME MINISTERS WHO EITHER BELONG TO, OR SERVE THE WILL OF, ONE POLITICAL PARTY/DYNASTY ONLY, THE ALL-INDIA CONGRESS PARTY OF NEHRU AND GANDHI- ONE A TRAITOR, THE OTHER A COWARD WHO WISHED THE ARMY TO DISBAND OR SURRENDER THEMSELVES IN CASE OF WAR. THEY WERE TO FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE OF QUICK SURRENDER OF LAHORE BY PANDIT JL NEHRU. 000000000