Date: 09 Sep 2009


Subject: Deciples of Gandhi The Congress prides itself of being pro-Gandhian philosophy. It propagates and exports Gandhism. We all know how the Congressites recite Ramdhuns and take oaths of austerities on 2nd Oct in the presence of the Media. Two of its Ministers in the Sonia-lead UPA Government SM Krishna, and Shashi Throor, both holding Foreign Affairs portfolios are occupying rooms at 5 Stars Hotels rather than being in the officially-provided accommodations. They are indeed ambassadors of Simple living and High thinking maxim of Gandhi. In these days of ecnomic adversities, drought problems, shortages and our farmers committing suicides, these Ministers of the GOI are telling the people of India, how true ,dedicated and sincerely committed public servants the are? ------------------------ THEY OUGHT TO LIVE IN "BHANGI COLONY" LIKE THEIR GRANDFATHER (BAPU) GANDHI. BUT WHO COULD HAVE SAID THIS TO THEIR MENTOR, THE "BOFORS CHOR" RAJIV KHAN? 000000000