Date: 10 Sep 2009


FUTURE OF SIKHS IN BROKEN BHARAT. Cowardly HINDUSTHAN (India) has deleted the word "PARTITION" from its vocabulary so that NO LESSONS can be learnt, thus INVITING another horrendous SURPRISE attack on her body that will be worse than the one in 1947 when her map outline was REDUCED drastically. The native RULERS (pro Islamic & anti Hindu "All-India Congress Party"), who enslaved the HINDUS & SIKHS immediately after PARTITION, strictly controlling INFORMATION, BROADCASTING & EDUCATION, do not wish anyone to learn about PANDIT NEHRU'S treason and MK GANDHI'S betrayal for which the punishment for BOTH at PEOPLE'S TRIAL was to be EXECUTION by firing squad. Instead, they adopted a new Constitution on Jan 26, 1950 in which PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (P.I.S.S.) was again called India and divided Punjab was again called Punjab to DECEIVE the simple slaves under Nehru. Gandhi was taken care of within weeks but Nehru stayed in power BRAINWASHING people about his PATRIOTISM for another 17 long years. Thereafter INDIA (Broken Bharat) remained under the foot of his own family (DYNASTY). We saw NEHRU being projected as a brave fighter for freedom, indeed, a super hero on earth. Schools, colleges, universities and institutions were named after one or the other BOGUS Gandhi (descendants of Feroze KHAN, a Sunni Musalmaan of Allahabad). The most common statue of a native "hero" was that of MK Gandhi who collapsed like puff of wind at the time of ignominious death to his Akhand Bharat. Earlier his country's and his own safety had been ensured by British rulers. In 1947 BOTH were exposed to extreme danger. In that year BOTH died- India territorially and Gandhi morally, waiting for his eventual execution at the hands of a genuine PATRIOT on January 30, 1948. Even those who shouted "KHALISTAN" on gut feeling of insecurity in DECOMPOSING Hindusthan never linked the demand to PARTITION ("Khalistan because there is Pakistan!"), thus exposing themselves to the charge of treason. A simple and trusting community like the SIKHS, known for making extreme sacrifices without looking into the STRATEGIC motives of the rulers, has no time for efforts to UNDERSTAND the nature of Central Government in Broken Bharat. There was never any discussion at the highest POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS levels as to why even EAST PUNJAB was further broken up into Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Union Territory. And no one is alarmed at the post of GOVERNOR where a committed CATHOLIC and a former MILITARY GENERAL sits today. How many learned Sikh scholars have even heard of Gen. RODRIGUES who is watching them day and night from his Raj Bhawan, and how many are perturbed at the fact that a man who GOVERNS the Punjab and the KHALSA neither visits a GURDWARA nor speaks the native language of his subjects whose Divine Gurus were born in Punjab, NOT Jerusalem or Mecca. Such ignorant, gullible and slavish communities are DOOMED. Were the SIKHS not doomed in WEST PUNJAB and the HINDUS in Sindh, Frontier Province, Kashmir and East Bengal? We must be BLIND not to see it and IMBECILE not to comprehend the IMPLICATIONS for East Punjab (Land of One & a Half Rivers), U.P., Bihar and West Bengal. Whatever the Centre has done since 1947 has been DETRIMENTAL to the HINDUS, especially the tiny Sikh community. It will take a BOOK to narrate it all with IMPLICATIONS- political, social and economic. The "fall" of Nepal and HINDU bashing, beating & thrashing in Kashmir, Uganda, Fiji, Sir Lanka, Malaysia and Australia are not incidental but the EXTENSION of the policies of All-India Congress Party who LOOK THE OTHER WAY. The QUESTION arises, "HOW MUCH OF POLITICAL AWARENESS AND STRATEGIC SENSE DO OUR SIKH LEADERS POSSESS TODAY?" The reducing, decreasing HINDU BODY in Broken Bharat ought to ask the SAME question of their own LEADERS. But here we are more concerned with the Sikhs for two reasons: Firstly they were created to DEFEND the right of the Hindus to worship freely during the Mohammedan (Mogul) rule, and secondly, because they live on the historic ROUTE TO DELHI along which the ravaging MUSLIM predators invariably invaded Hindusthan for gold and silver, slaves and FEMALES. The FACT is that the MUSLIMS who so easily smashed the stand of NEHRU & GANDHI and broke the BACKBONE of Hindusthan in 1947, inflicting the WORST EVER defeat on HIndusthan, forcing the TOP LEADERS to sign the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of FIVE PROVINCES, have EVEN MORE motivation, force and potential to smash the skull of the semi dead (stunned and numbed) Hindusthan that is minus LAHORE. The outcome of the next CIVIL WAR ought NOT to be in doubt in any mind. Hindus will be SLAUGHTERED in numbers at least TEN TIMES that during the CIVIL WAR of 1947. Brainwashed fools call it "INDEPENDENCE". India's pacifist "HINDU-MUSLIM BHAI BHAI" Constitution, ONE DYNASTY rule and appeasement of ISLAM by providing them with HAJJ FACILITIES and retaining Article 370 in Constitution, are all pointers to the UNPREPARED Hindu nation, ready to sign the UNCONDITIONAL surrender of the Rest of India, too. What will happen to the SIKHS who will be so easy to IDENTIFY, CATCH & KILL due to their appearance? Who is bothered? Who is interested? Surely not the Hindus, DEFEATED, DISUNITED & DEMORALISED, who still cling to the loose end of Bapu Gandhi's loin cloth and the apron strings of ITALIAN BORN "Rashtramata" Sonia KHAN when the "chips are down", who cannot even see the REFUGEES from South Kashmir while in the NORTH they were all exterminated in 1947, sharing the fate of the SIKHS OF LAHORE and RAWALPINDI. Is the FUTURE of the Sikh Panth now in the hands of General RODRIGUES and of BROKEN BHARAT under the foot of SONIA KHAN? Shame on all the Sardars, Pandits and Swamys who cannot see their fate tomorrow while IGNORING their PAST massacres, sacrifices, struggles, defeats and submission with so much equanimity and lack of interest. What will be our fate in AMRITSAR tomorrow after it goes under the SAME FLAG that flies unchallenged over Sri Nankana Sahib and LAHORE today? WHAT? 10 sep 09 ======= 000000000