Date: 12 Sep 2009


LETTER FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM *BNP (BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY) in the UK is the only Party that has put SURVIVAL above "political correctness" for the future of this country.* > ** *We ourselves don't have to be bitten by the snake to learn that it can kill. When the ISLAMIC BOMB exploded in India, the size of her "GROUND ZERO" was equal to FIVE provinces- from Karachi to Gilgit. **Bedraggled refugees are still pouring into India, 62 years on.* ** > *We must do our utmost to avert that catastrophe here. On July 7, > 2005, they fired their first warning shots in London. **If India was > distant and irrelevant, London is HOME and quite RELEVANT.* > ** *All we need to do, in order to comprehend the nature & magnitude of MUSLIM MENACE, is to read the Constitutions under which LAHORE lived in 1940 (British India) and in 1950 (ISLAMIC rule & SHARIA Law). * ** *The freedom & sense of security of people then and their deprivation, impoverishment and slavery now are in marked contrast. London need not go the same way as Lahore.* > ** 000000000