Date: 13 Sep 2009


At present there are FOUR females at the top of STATE hierarchy in Partitioned India with suspect wisdom, little vision and zero patriotism. Who are they? And what is their agenda, IF THEY HAVE ANY? They are- 1. FIRST LADY OF HINDUSTHAN: Rashtramata (Italian born) Sonia KHAN (NB: m.-in-l. Indira married Feroze KHAN of Allahabad and thus became Indira KHANUM.) Sonia Maino was never vetted by Security Services of India nor asked to return the astronomical sum of $50MILLION her late husband took from Bofors Gun Company. Any indigenous Christian returning to his/her ancestors’ religion in the Land of Divinity sets off alarm bells in her head. She is a close friend of All-India MUSLIM League but abhors the word “Hindu” in "All-India HINDU Mahasabha". She has never consoled a Sikh widow of Delhi massacre in 1984. She has chosen a SIKH to be puppet prime minister like those Sultans who used to give a bit of their own food to a dog to see if it was poisoned. She is afraid to GO the way of earlier THREE Gandhis (who were sucked up by Hell on Jan 30, 1948, Halloween 1984, and May 21, 1991). Among HALF A BILLION (500 MILLION) DULL & LACKLUSTRE NATIVE INDIAN FEMALES, mostly HINDU, there is NOT ONE who can match Sonia's brilliance due to her FOREIGN ancestry. The terrified NATION, still recovering from the hefty blow by Sword of Islam in 1947, grips the bottom of her skirt and begs, "Soniaji, PLEASE RULE US. PLEASE DO NOT GO BACK TO ITALY. PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US." She replies, "SHUT UP, YOU ALL MASTERS IN FLATTERY & SERVILITY, I WILL NOT BE YOUR PRIME MINISTER BUT I WILL DO BETTER. I WILL CHOOSE SOMEONE TO RULE IN MY NAME." That is where Shri MANMOHAN SINGH comes in, to saver her being embarrassed, OR ASSASSINATED. 2 (A) President of the Republic: Smt Pratibha Patil. Like all her predecessors she believes that her country must give LAND TO THE MUSLIMS FOR PEACE. HER COUNTRY HAS BEEN GIVING "LAND FOR PEACE" TO THE MOHAMMEDANS SINCE TIMES IMMEMORIAL. THE RESULT IS THAT KARACHI, QUETTA, PESHAWAR, LAHORE AND THE WHOLE OF EAST BENGAL AND NORTH KASHMIR HAVE BEEN GIVEN AWAY IN RETURN FOR PEACE FROM MOHAMMED. NOW MOHAMMED'S EYES HAVE FALLEN ON DELHI, TOO. PRESIDENT PATIL OF PARTITIONED INDIA WONDERS WHAT PEACE WILL BE THERE IF NO LAND IS LEFT IN THE END. Her favourite movie is the one in which a KHAN is the hero. 2 (B) Supreme Commander of Indian ARMED FORCES: Smt Pratibha Patil (also the Rashtrapatni) whose belief in Gandhian non-violence (Ahimsa) is total. She sees the MEN IN UNIFORM through the spectacles of "Father of Nation" Bapu Gandhi with embarrassment and disgust if not FEAR. She has not told her armed forces to move an inch past the bogus cease fire line in J & K State. Her despicable & unworthy predecessor awarded medals for exemplary “gallantry, courage and bravery” to officers who killed the TAMILS, of INDIAN origin in Sri Lanka in 1987, and the (children of soil) SIKHS in East Punjab in 1984. She avoids touching the whisker of any Muslim GHAZI OR JEHADI and dare not tell them to go to their Homeland created especially for them in 1947. (NB: Father of Pakistan Mr Jinnah was not asked to pay even two pennies for Hindusthan's pound of flesh and ton of blood.) 3. Chief Minister of Delhi State: Smt (MRS.) Dikshit. She has never told Rashtramata Sonia, “Secularism in DELHI is a like a stinking lump of SH*T if it cannot be rammed down their throats in LAHORE & KARACHI.” SINCE THE UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER OF LAHORE SMT. DIKSHIT IS A STAUNCH CHAMPION OF SECULARISM. LIKE THE PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC SHE, TOO, DOESN'T CARE A DAMN IF HER VERSION OF SECULARISM IS THE ONE OF A DONKEY OR A DOG OR A JACKAL. 4. Secretary to Government of India: Mrs Neelam Nath, (Department of Ex Servicemen Welfare, Ministry of Defence). THE WELFARE OF EX SERVICEMEN HAS BEEN SEEN REPEATEDLY WHEN THOUSANDS OF VETERANS RETURNED THEIR MEDALS TO THE PRESIDENT IN DUSGUST. THERE IS NO PARALLEL OF THIS IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY. FRUSTRATED SOLDIERS DO SOMETIMES ASSASSINATE THEIR USELESS SUPREME COMMANDERS BUT NEVER HAVE THEY EVER GIVEN HIM/HER A "SLAP OR SPIT" IN PUBLIC BY RETURNING THE MEDALS IN THIS MANNER. In the whole of Hindusthan they could not find a single MAN worthy of sitting next to First Lady called Sonia "Gandhi". MANY SAY, "SONIA FEELS COMFORTABLE IN THE COMPANY OF NATIVE FEMALES, AND THE PEOPLE OF HER INDIAN COLONY ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO OBLIGE THE ITALIAN." God Help the HINDUS, the JAWANS, the SIKHS, the RAJPUTS, the MARATHAS, and MOTHER India who became a WIDOW on August 15, 1947. 000000000