Date: 13 Sep 2009


In a message dated 13/09/2009 17:52:56 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxx writes: ....................... ....................... Another fact is the the Indian sub-continent has been divided. It was divided 60 years ago and there is no possibility in near future for any unification. The best thing to do is to move on (emphasis mine) and ensure that the people of India are happy and have a sense of belonging to the Indian nation. Thaat is where are energies should be directed. --------------------- COMMENT: We like this phrase, "The best thing to do is to move on." Is situation and history of India, holding world record in passivity and slavery, so simple? Why was it not the best thing to do in 1947? Why the FIVE barristers then could not touch this wisdom but came home with bleeding mutilated Bharat? Have we HINDUS slain that MONSTER for good? Have we pulled off even one hair of whisker from his face? How can one move on with incursions into Kashmir on daily basis and with BOMBS exploding in the belly of Hindusthan so often, killing people who also believe in "the best thing to do is to move on." Since peace is made by TWO sides, the Hindu has always declared pious hopes UNILATERALLY. All the Hindus will readily agree with this. Now how many Muslims, with dream of flying the ISLAMIC flag over DELHI, too, as they do over LAHORE, will meekly put down daggers and go along with this? Why the MUSLIMS did not produce a Mahatma? Why was one inflicted by God on the demoralised and defeated side? If the rabbit has to live in the jungle, it has to keep the fox and the tiger AWAY. What hope now that the HINDUS, having given one third of India to Mohammed, will be able to keep him AWAY from Partitioned India? Why is it not "the best thing to do" for the MUSLIMS to return just ONE square inch of East Bengal or North Kashmir to secular India? The answer is not in prayers and wishful thinking but to MILITARISE THE HINDUS fast to prepare the nation for the SECOND civil war. (NB: The first in 1947 resulted in our DEFEAT and unconditional surrender of five provinces to buy peace from Mohammed.) Sep 13, 09 ====== 000000000