Date: 14 Sep 2009


Re: {UnitedHinduFront} 20th Anniversary of Balidan Divas In a message dated 14/09/2009 01:26:30 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: Dear Friends, Namaskaar, Our Kashmiri Pandit community in the U.S. has come together to observe the 20th anniversary of Balidan Divas. All the organizations including KOA, IAKF and IKF are together to fight for the rights of our community. Our appeal to all our India based organizations is to band together and support each other. Once we achieve our ultimate goal of unity, we will make tremendous progress in finding a just solution to Kashmir problem. Respectfully, Kashmiri Overseas Association (KOA) Indo-American Kashmir Forum (IAKF) International Kashmir Federation (IKF) ====================================== COMMENT: Your action to REMEMBER the dead is most commendable and noble. The whole world honours their DEAD though this tradition does not exist in HINDUSTHAN. The reason is this: Under PERPETUAL foreign (Islamic or European) rulers the natives of India have lost all dignity and value. They get KILLED every day like the sheep and goats and it is not possible to keep record of the MILLIONS dead and dying. In 1947 alone over TWO MILLION Hindus were massacred, and countless girls forcibly abducted, raped and killed, or converted, as the price that HINDUSTHAN paid to Mohammed in order to produce his PAKISTAN. India did not get even two pence in the bargain called PARTITION. The ruling "DOGS & BITCHES" call it "Independence" and make the entire nation sing and dance. In that celebration and rejoicing who can think of mentioning the DEAD of 1947? If one were to read out their NAMES as they do in New York on Sep 11 every year, it will take a WHOLE YEAR. Even today the India of GANGSTERS, BOFORS CHORS, THUGS AND MAFIA is free while the common man, especially the HINDUS and the Sikhs, is not. The real PEOPLE OF INDIA, mostly the HINDUS, have yet to win the WAR to oust the NEHRU DYNASTY, lock, stock and Rahul, from office & power. The biggest culprit for the Kashmiris' plight was none other than PANDIT JAWAHAR LAL NEHRU himself who told the Muslims, "YOU CAN HAVE LAHORE (and we will never ask for it back) BUT NOT SRINAGAR." The Muslims are VICIOUS barbarians who keep attacking till the last KAFIR is killed or converted after they smell WEAKNESS. In 1947 India was the WEAKEST COUNTRY on earth. Thus the Sword of Mohammed could chop off ONE THIRD of her physical body with utmost ease, to be placed under the Laws of KORAN. What was left (Partitioned Indian Secular State) was forced by Nehru into PROSTITUTION, i.e., slavery under DYNASTIC RULE and secularism. Now to the point: Bandit Nehru had to refuse POINT BLANK to concede an inch of territory unless POPULATION EXCHANGE was first CARRIED out. There would have been NO murders in South Kashmir in that case. So now while commemorating the DEAD we also need to recall Nehru's HIGH TREASON and the fact that he escaped the GALLOWS. 14 sep 09 ============= 000000000