Date: 14 Sep 2009


“BOOT UP THE SUPREME COMMANDER!” shout the citizens of India and add, “This Supreme Commander’s PERFORMANCE is dismal & despicable.” NEHRU’S RUN FOR CEASE FIRE IN KASHMIR WAS MEANT TO KEEP THE SMOULDERING COMMUNAL FIRES ON FOR EVER. SHEEPISH WITHDRAWAL OF THE DISGRACED INDIAN ARMY, ASIA’S SECOND LARGEST, FROM SINDH, BALUCHISTAN, NWFP, WEST PUNJAB & EAST BENGAL. THEY WERE DEFEATED WITHOUT EVEN A FIGHT. MODERN INDIAN ARMY’S HISTORY BEGINS WITH INDIA’S WORST EVER UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER ON AUGUST 15, 2009. THEY WERE ORDERED TO LAY DOWN THEIR WEAPONS AND STAND DOWN WHILE THE ENEMY OCCUPIED ONE THIRD OF INDIA OVERNIGHT WITHOUT FIRING A SINGLE SHOT. THE ONCE PROUD & VICTORIOUS INDIAN ARMED FORCES BECAME NEHRU’S MERCENARY FORCE OVERNIGHT ON AUGUST 15, 1947, earning the title of “EUNUCHS IN UNIFORM” in 1947 for failing to defend LAHORE. They were expected to liberate North Kashmir, not attack a native holy shrine of the Sikhs in 1984 to win gallantry awards and honours for bravery. HINDU REFUGEES FROM SOUTH KASHMIR, 1989, SAY, “BOOT UP THE SUPREME COMMANDER WHO COULD NOT DEFEND US EVEN WITHIN THE INDIAN BORDERS.” Almighty baboo(n)s of the Indian civil administration are known as the “deep-frozen” Gandhian bureaucracy due to the incompetent & corrupt ministers and the spineless IAS (Indian Administrative Service) cadre. In better days when the British ruled Akhand BHARAT (United India), the IAS was known as ICS (Indian Civil Service). Then things were in order, North Kashmir West Punjab and East Bengal were in India and the native baboo(n)s knew their place. ========================= 000000000