Date: 15 Sep 2009


In a message dated 15/09/2009 03:11:09 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXX writes: Is BJP going to defy RSS on generational change? Sudheendra Kulkarni article in Indian Express yesterday suggests regrouping of the old coterie = Price rise may hit Congress ================================== COMMENT: The electorate has been kept at very primitive level of existence where just price rise can be a factor to change the govt. There is no concept of IDEOLOGICAL change or an idea of country's CORE BELIEF or her NATIONAL INTEREST, that is desperately needed. Congress has to be exterminated because they surrendered one third of India to the enemy in 1947, then embraced the ENEMY in Partitioned India and now pamper them as their "vote bank". Finally they have deleted the word "HINDU" from Vidhan while accepting it in the Vidhan that was imposed over LAHORE with their connivance, and do not encourage anyone to mention "Partition" or celebrate any military victory, including the one at KARGIL or to commemorate the DEAD. They FORCE Hindu majority States to accept CHRISTIAN chief ministers and MUSLIM governors and have imposed a CATHOLIC Governor on Sikh majority State of EAST PUNJAB. These "blighters", agents and spies of Congress (Italy & Islam), are out to spot a "dangerous Hindu fundamentalist" or a "Sikh terrorist" to put him down instead of raising the level of patriotism or education of the people. They shun a mandir and gurdwara like the bats who shun the sunlight. If America that commemorates the dead of nine eleven is alive, then India that does not recall her DEAD, is herself dead. One billion blindfolded HINDUS are being carried along, on this vast DEAD LAND, to their ultimate DOOM. Congress has also watched the disappearance of the Hindus in SOUTH KASHMIR while no one reminds the nation of the brutal MANNER in which ethnic cleansing was done in NORTH Kashmir (and West Punjab and NOAKHALI). An uneducated nation riding the bus with ALIEN secular mongrel anti national female DRIVERS (SONIA, PATIL, DIKSHIT) who would rather have a "Khan in bed" than a Hindu in vicinity, is doomed- irrespective of price falls or rises. Sep 15, 2009 ============= 000000000