Date: 16 Sep 2009


WHO PLAYED HELL WITH PUNJAB, BENGAL & KASHMIR? People who played HELL with India, Punjab, Bengal and Kashmir may have gone but they have left us all in a mess. To remove the mess the HINDUS have to change the mode from slavish "ahimsa" to OFFENSIVE ACTION, or ADVANCE. Furthermore those who replaced them in high chairs, set about BRAINWASHING the masses who would have KILLED them all, not only MK Gandhi. As a part of that BRAINWASHING we had the slogan, "HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI!" that nobody heard in Pakistan or North Kashmir. Only the HINDUS were shouting it all over, making a FOOL of themselves, while at the same time getting HELL OF A BEATING & THRASHING from those "brothers" all over. It is now time to bring about a big change in the defeated & degraded Hindu MINDSET, to make them shed their Ahimsa which means "COWARDICE" when confronting the foreign based ENEMIES (anti Hindu people) and to make us MILITARISE the Hindus. Carrying a WEAPON, even kirpan, and riding a horse empowers an individual greatly. That was the difference between a Sikh and a Hindu. The Queen of United Kingdom still takes the salute while riding a horse. One cannot say this of India's Supreme Commander (Sonia's choice) Shreemati Pratibha Patil. I'm sure that if an angry Kashmiri Hindu refugee, relative of a murdered Hindu, had stepped forward to ASSASSINATE one of the Congress bigwigs, the world would have been talking about the Hindu point of view too. It just shows the place of Ahimsa (at right time and for right cause) in Nature. Like the rest of Hindu body the Kashmiris meekly left their homes and came over to India. Anti Hindu Centre and State did not give them guns and grenades even for SELF DEFENCE while the terrorists have NO shortage of more lethal weapons to blow up police vans and military check posts. Those 36 (THIRTY-SIX) Sikhs of Chattisinghpura (killed the day Bill Clinton came to New Delhi) did not even have a single mobile phone to contact the local police station! Please see the PALESTINIANS, or the MUSLIMS anywhere. Once forced out of their homes they INSIST, generation after generation, on GOING BACK. They make themselves HEARD and SEEN. Even big powers have come in to back the creation of a Palestinian State along side Israel. What about the Hindus? 15 MILLION displaced in 1947 dare not whisper, "We wish to go back to our ancestral homes." Not only can we NOT dare to go back but also there are no voices crying for a SEPARATE Hindu State in Jammu (like Gilgit and Baltistan) and a Buddhist State in Ladakh. If Kashmir keeps the MUSLIMS in overall MAJORITY and if the Centre goes on pampering them through Article 370 of Nehru's Vidhan and Hajj facilities, the Hindu minority will DISSOLVE & DISAPPEAR like sugar in water. It is time to approach the HINDU LEADERS in each and every state and encourage them to stand up, not just breathe while lying down supine before Islam. Let us encourage them in MAHARASHTRA to put up the posters of Shivaji killing Afzal Khan EVERYWHERE, and the Hindus of U.P. to turn out en masse to build the Temple in Ayodhya. Is it really impossible for VHP or RSS or BJP to give a call to MILLION WOMEN to gherao No. 10 Janpath and shout, "SONIA, QUIT INDIA!"? Does she not degrade, day and night, every native HINDU wife, daughter, mother and sister? Muslims have no business even to be seen in Bharat AFTER PARTITION. This TRUTH needs someone to ENFORCE it on the enemy. Finally let me refer to the last sentence in your e-mail about Indira Gandhi going to Golden Temple to apologise AFTER the carnage that she caused on the occasion of a Gurpurb (martyrdom day of Guru Arjun Dev). What you say is very naive and incomprehensible. We don't want apology AFTER the event in which unique and precious articles of Sikh heritage were consumed by fire. Those indeed were her target, not one Bhindranwale. The Muslims did the same to Hindu heritage, scriptures, mandirs, and unique writings and compositions by saints and sages for centuries in order to turn the Hindus into a primitive slavish folk. The Sikhs world-wide are now MUCH POORER as a result of that attack on the HERITAGE and ARCHITECTURE of pristine Sri Akal Takht Sahib building constructed during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. That alone was more precious to Mother India (Bharat) than a million arrogant destructive Indiras (witches) of evil design. Her love of Bharat and Secularism was like her father's. Did she commend both (India and Secularism) to Mujiburrahman in 1972? She recreated the venomous ISLAMIC State between Myanmar and India once again. That BLOODY (Bas*ard) child of Indira Gandhi has been devouring the Hindus by the hundred every day. Rag bag HINDUSTHAN would have noticed the perishing Hindus there AND the perished Hindus of Kashmir only if we were a nation. Whose job was it, and is it, to turn the rag bag into a strong and united nation which can RETALIATE? ---------------------------- In a message dated 16/09/2009 18:03:54 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes: You have raised some interesting points but unfortunately the people you hold responsible for the mess (?) have been dead for a long time and are noit going to return to put right their mistakes.(?) The stark reality is that the Kashmiri Pundits are suffering today and need urgent help. If you have any useful and practical suggestion by which these people can be helped, then please do let us know. By the way did it ever occur to you why it was necessary to attack Golden Temple in 1984. No leader has done it before Indra Gandhi nor any other leader is likely to do so. Do you think she lost her life for an anti Sikh mis-adventure? As far as I know she did go to the Golden Temple after the incident to pray before Guru Granth Sahib Ji and must have sought forgiveness. . 000000000