Date: 17 Sep 2009


LAND EATING GRUB: LAND FOR PEACE. An essential element in Islamic belief & mental make-up as a result of continuous brainwashing is the acquisition of the thrust to advance, overrun and overwhelm. Integral to this volition and propensity is the slogan, "LAND FOR PEACE". They have been conquering land after land PROMISING PEACE but LAND STAYED WITH THEM WHILE PEACE AND NON MUSLIMS VANISHED. In 1947 India gave them LAND FOR PEACE. The land was preposterously more than her OWN FIVE PROVINCES. They went under the hammer of Arabia, to kiss the Book from there, adore the Arabis language and appreciate the camel while dumping the cow, the sanskrit language and all the Indian gurus, mahatmas, avataras and scriptures. While Nehru and Gandhi went to sleep after this historice defeat and surrender, their rest lasted only a few wseeks. The MUSLIMS had INVADED Kashmir and again insisted on LAND FOR RPEACE. AFTER THEY WIPE OUT THE HINDUS IN KASHMIR THEY WILL SET THEIR EYES ON WEST BENGAL AND AGAIN THREATEN "LAND FOR PEACE". APPEASING AND PLEASING MOHAMMED, INDIA WILL GO ON SHRINKING TILL SHE VANISHES AS HINDUSTHAN BUT RE-EMERGES AS THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF HINDUSTHAN. ALL THE HINDUS WILL BE IN DOG COLLAR. (SPARE A THOUGHT FOR THE "JACKALS" IN NOAKHALI, SWAT AND SINDH.) We see that it is easy to displace the Hindu "jackals" who forgot their homes in Lahore and Karachi in a second while the MUSLIMS retain the URGE TO RETURN to original LANDS for centureis, e.g., Palestinian threat to Israel, LAND FOR PEACE. Israel knows, unlike the Hindus adoring the Khans of Bollywood, that if they keep on giving land the whole country will be GONE like Sindh from India. Please see the following to understand this RELENTLESS threat from Islam: 000000000