Hindus are more than willing to be kicked

Date: 19 Sep 2009


india has gone to congressi dogs because Hindus are more than willing to be kicked. Congress first came into my focus when its top leaders, Nehru and Gandhi promptly signed the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of five provinces of India to the ENEMY and later called the enemy "brothers." Though barristers-at-law from London they did NOT have a single argument in favour of India or secularism. They forgot to mention "Referendum" to the Viceroy, being more than willing to surrender India and appease Islam. But worst of all, they also forgot the existence of our armed forces who could be called upon to defend Lahore. Congress, India's most powerful political party, stuck in the mire of dynastic nepotism, foreign adoration and corrupton, now has a new President who is worth focusing on. She is a semi literate ITALIAN FEMALE who was not even vetted for security before entry into Prime Minister's House in New Delhi. What sacrifices for freedom did her FATHER or GRANDFATHER make? Her grandfather was in fact, in Mussolini's army, advancing with the dream of imposing Roman Rule over India. To everyone's shame many Members of Parliament in India call her "Rashtramata" (Mother of Hindusthan). It is now time FOR ALL MILITARY RANKS (ex and serving) to open "ALL GUNS” on Corrupt Congress and demand the full trial of BOFORS CHOR to impress on the subservient Lok Sabha, cabinet ministers and all the IAS “baboo(n)s” that the nation expects and demands integrity at the TOP and the ultimate law enforcing agency will be the armed forces. That they have MISUSED the army since PARTITION, is quite another story, totally suppressed so far. On the day of Partition the top Congress leader, Jawaharlal NEHRU, held back the gallant armed forces, victorious in all the previous theatres of TWO World Wars, from the defence of Lahore, and later ordered the brave “Jawans” to STOP at the bogus cease-fire line in KASHMIR and NOT to advance an inch beyond it. That's where they are till today, suppressing their frustration and anger, getting attacked & killed by the terrorists on daily basis. Nehru had to be tried for the betrayal of Army in 1962. The Jawans were ordered to fight the well equipped, armed, clothed and motivated Chinese soldiers in sub zero temperatures in snow clad hills, firing old rifles, wearing summer uniforms. Indira had to be tried for the grand betrayal of the armed forces, India and Secularism for the return of hard won territory to the enemy in 1972. The result was our own East Bengal going back to the bloodthirsty tribe of MOHAMMED who immediately set upon further PERSECUTION of the defenceless unarmed Hindus. Definitely Indira had heard of the brutal MASSACRE of Noakhali in August 1946. Indira’s use of army to destroy historic buildings in the Golden Temple Complex was another crime against own people who contribute so much towards India’s defence capabilities. Rajiv Gandhi, another Congress Party goon, sent troops to Sri Lanka in order to kill the TAMILS of Indian origin instead of trying to bring about a political settlement on the island through negotiations. One ought to note the deliberate deletion of the word “PARTITION” from the Constitution as if the unconditional surrender of FIVE PROVINCES on one day is not worth the mention. The real heroes who resisted that Islamic onslaught on India, and there were so many, are not recalled anywhere while everybody is brainwashed to believe that Nehru and Gandhi “got us Independence” from the British. One ought to be alarmed at the absolute power that is at the disposal of ONE political party in the country, amounting to virtual dictatorship over the masses. There is no doubt in the writer’s mind that Congress is in strategic top secret unwritten understanding (alliance) with the ENEMY to hand over the Rest of India, too, eventually. They will again play the DEVIL with the armed forces just as they did in 1947. But the next time it will be slavery for all for a thousand years like the one that began in 1192. 000000000