Date: 20 Sep 2009


INDIA’S PSYCHOLOGICAL SHOCK TROOPS Dr. BABU SUSEELAN For centuries, Hindus were enslaved by Islamic invaders and Christian colonialists. More than 90 million Hindus were slaughtered by fanatic Muslims, thousands of temples were destroyed, wealth has been looted, women were subjected by inhuman sex abuse, and millions were forcefully converted under the Islamic sword. Eventually India was divided. Since independence, despite democratic rhetoric we hear and believe, we have become enslaved. The bogus secularists, mindless Marxists, fundamentalist Jihadists, phony intellectuals, missionary gangs and media agents have made an unholy nexus against our sacred culture, Hindus and India. Their main focus is the deliberate distortion of history, creation of unreality, erasing past brutality of Muslims, creating new memory, and denigrating Hindutva; and insulting Hindu organizations. Even today, these evil forces are involved in deliberate manufacturing of slanted information and have been on a collision course with reality. This anti Hindu unreality industry is huge. It is not an accident. It is multifaceted with enormous resources, muscle power and political clout. They dominate our country, our education, media and the government. This anti Hindutva group is engaged in the deliberate manufacturing of falsehood, designing, manufacturing and distributing fantasies and fake theories. Instead of appreciating the cultural ethos of the nation, universal and all inclusive philosophical system, and facing the real issues, their energy is wasted on promoting meaningless theories of utilitarianism, deconstruction, proletarian revolution, jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion. Instead of focusing attention on Islamic terrorism, coercive religious conversion, subversive activities, their energy is wasted on the creation of unreality and promoting misinformation and spreading mind viruses. Under the guise of freedom, they are indulging in aberrations. A primary concentration of the reality industry dominated by Marxists, secularist, and Jihadists is to deny past Islamic brutality and present Jihadi terrorism. They are obsessed with the denial of reality and busy creating bogus theories to endorse Islamic invasion and atrocities. The deliberate, systematic manufacturing of falsehood, distortion of history has emerged primarily in reaction to Hindu resurgence. The case in point is the proposed creation of a Hindu Holocaust Museum. Francois Gautier has been very active in promoting the idea of establishing a Hindu Holocaust Museum to remind Hindus of the genocide and to shed light on the past brutal history of Islamic invasion. How could we deny the dark side of our history? This Holocaust Museum will remind Hindus—how could Hindu genocide could happen? For an answer, we need such a Holocaust Museum. Holocaust Museum is the best solution and positive action for the examination of our real history. The Hindu Holocaust Museum planned by Francois Gautier is an inspiring and visionary work. This is an attempt to educate Hindus on the real history of Islamic brutality. It will also unchain Hindu spirit and empower Hindus. Those who object Holocaust Museum are hiding behind a thick wall of denial, suffering from a cognitive disorder and they make the most vigorous efforts to manipulate minds. The secularists and the gullible public are trapped by a complex web of Marxists propaganda and media manipulation. These slave masters control our bureaucracy, education, and manage every facet of Indian life. They devise several bogus illogical propositions to bypass our history. Since it is particularly prevalent among Marxists, we should do well to learn their tricks and be on guard against it. Marxists and Jihadis are known for their argument from intimidation. It involves unintelligible verbiage which conveys nothing clearly except threats. Their noisy aggressiveness serves to hide their ignorance and intellectual impotence. Hindus should identify these psychological shock troops and cultural warriors who have infiltrated our cultural institutions, secular organizations, and E-Mail discussion groups pretending as human right activists and humanists. They are influence peddlers and are crafty in disseminating misinformation and falsehood. Hindus on any conditions should not make compromise with these shock troops. There should not be any compromise between our freedom and death, or between truth and falsehood. Hindus should wage an intellectual battle against such cultural warriors. Hindus should not be apologetic or wait for the approval of our enemies. ====================== Rapid deterioration, demoralisation and decomposition are the result of State (Hindusthan) not "touching" Hindu RELIGION. Bandit Nehru accepted the flag of MOHAMMED over Lahore and Karachi while deleting the word HINDU from his own Constitution. Having surrendred five provinces unconditionally to ISLAM this was his SECOND High Treason. That he was not shot dead showed the lack of interest in religion among the Hindus. Today the situation is FAR WORSE. A semi literate female from Italy who shuns Hindu religion is the "Mother of Hindusthan" (Rashtramata) and has her say even who can be the Supreme Commander and President of Hindusthan. The word "HINDU" cannot seem decent if she is ON TOP of all. She and her Party have degraded all starting with the native Hindu/Sikh women of Bharat. Religions like Hinduism, even martial SIKHISM where crrying sword is mandatory, Buddhism, etc. all without State support, are bound to perish in the face of well motivated and aggressive predators and competitors. On the other hand even in STARVING Bangladesh, which calls itself "ISLAMIC Republic" without batting an eyelid, CRUDE ISLAM from ARABIA is guaranteed survival, enjoying status and State support, and is safe, and expanding and spreading. None there is embarrassed in degrading and clobbering the Hindus with great Islamic zeal and enthusiasm. What is lacking is Hindu RESPONSE on our own territory where a billion strong nation cannot even raise one Temple in Ayodhya due to TERROR OF BARBARIANS. When will the TURN ABOUT come? 000000000