Date: 20 Sep 2009


THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO ARE ESTABLISHING IT. THANK YOU. Mother India will be eternally grateful to you for realising the PAIN of her NATIVE children who worship the Divine Sons & DAUGHTERS born on her own SACRED soil. What these native people have gone through CENTURIES of slavery, helplessness and degradation including MURDER, RAPE, LOOT, PLUNDER AND DESTRUCTION can fill up volumes. The extent of LOSS OF LIFE & PROPERTY can amount to at least a HUNDRED TIMES that suffered by the tiny Jewish community across Europe. Yet no one has shown the COURAGE to commemorate them in an honourable manner befitting their sacrifices. Most HINDUS have been brainwashed, conditioned and even INTIMIDATED into regarding them "vermin and rats" just as our ENEMIES, their killers, thought and still think. As a direct result of our total SELF NEGATION the Hindus are despised as an INFERIOR RACE, tragically by some Hindus, too, out of ignorance, cowardice or lack of self esteem. So it is all right for Turkey to invade Cyprus to grab more land for Mohammed and it was all right for Jinnah to capture FIVE PROVINCES without firing a single shot to gain more land for Mohammed and it was also all right to surrender North Kashmir, too, to let Mohammed have MORE LAND, but the idea of recovering an inch of our own territory from Mohammed sends shock waves through a Hindu's spine. That is why Indira KHAN (Mrs. Feroze Khan, later renamed Mrs. Indira Gandhi), riding this wave of Hindu PROPENSITY TO SURRENDER ("tyaag"), returned EAST Bengal after its capture by our Jawans in 1972. Indira did not commend her father's Secularism to Sheikh Mujiburrahman though it was quite easy for her to kill thousands of Sikhs in East PUNJAB when some brave boys shouted, "KHALISTAN BECAUSE THERE IS PAKISTAN." The weak and the cowards find it easy to betray own side just as the INDIANS have done in the case of Tamils of INDIAN ORIGIN trapped in N. Sri Lanka. Could one expect Britain to let go of the Britons in Falkland Islands? Britain, the size of Gujerat, is honourable and the tiny minority of Jews on earth even more honourable for having at least TEN Holocaust Museums, while India, known as a "sub continent", is DISHONOURABLE, having NO guts even to tell her own children about the JINNS who have been eating the Hindus on DAILY basis since 712 AD. Even the sword bearing Sikhs (in reality HINDUS!), have not dared to put up a Sikh Holocaust Museum anywhere in East Punjab. One can read about the HOLOCAUST of 1947 in "Freedom at Midnight" by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins, who have faithfully saved this account for the coming generations of Hindus. They gathered and produced material that was the primary duty of BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru who was more concerned with pleasing Edwina Mountbatten and perpetuaring his own rule over the lifeless SUPINE Hindus. As a DIRECT result of such massive HAMMERING by the foreigners- foremost among them the MOHAMMEDANS who descended like Messengers of Death from Arabia, the MANHOOD of the Hindu nation is badly depleted. Anything that might invite a mild displeasure of the enemy will make the HINDU shiver and tremble in FEAR as if the WOLVES in human form will bring about another great calamity upon us all. There are HUNDREDS of examples of such innate FEAR, produced as a result of each and every DEFEAT since 712 AD, culminating in the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of 1947 by our trembling "fathers" like Gandhi and Nehru. To what extent had the Hindu nation been REDUCED that these top men believed that in case of refusal, Mohammed Ali Jinnah will let loose an orgy of BLOODSHED, a thousand times more deadly and devastating than the massacre of Noakhali in August 1946. The mere thought of telling Jinnah, "Get Lost. You will be tried for HIGH TREASON and most likely HANGED TO DEATH," was neither in the weak head of Gandhi nor in the traitor's head of NEHRU. The result? India's worst ever DEFEAT & SURRENDER (of one third of the country with all the Hindus therein delivered to JINN). They had NO human rights, no defender, no UNO, NOT EVEN INDIAN ARMED FORCES who were held back from taking on the ENEMY. In AUGUST, SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER of 1947 the Indian army was so mighty that they could have driven the PAKISTANIS BEYOND KHYBER to die in the wild mountains of HINDU KUSH. It was the first time in history when the army was ordered to do NOTHING while the country PERISHED. It is even a bigger tragedy that the nation has not welcomed the heroes who have not only mooted the idea of a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM but are going about to erect and establish it before our eyes. There are times in history when the choice is to HONOUR ONESELF or to DISGRACE ONESELF. We know WHO disgraced themselves in 1947 despite the boast of AKHAND BHARAT and we will soon learn who are these BLACK SHEEP among the Hindus, opposing the construction of a HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. Are these not the same "JACKALS" who advise us to shift Sri Ram Temple half a mile away from Ayodhya? I just came across the objection raised by Vijay Prashad - Professor of South Asian History Trinity College Hartford, Conn. USA. He seems to be a CONVERT to Christianity with an axe to grind. He says, "The museum is the brainchild of a Frenchman, Francois Gautier." Let us tell him, "The reason that it is a French man is that all the HINDUS are DEAD on this vital step to inform our coming generations as to how millions of Hindus came to be slaughtered on their OWN patch, and how all the Hindu temples got razed to ground and how MILLIONS of Hindus have been converted BY FORCE (the threat of DEATH with the sword held over the head: "Islam or Death?") over centuries. "It is to tell the world how the MUSLIMS (Moguls) used to abduct any Hindu girl and how they used to SPIT into the mouth of a Hindu, banning him to ride a horse and carry a weapon even for self defence. This despicable writer does not wish to acknowledge the simple fact that the French man is not after CONVERTING the Hindus nor after robbing them of self esteem. What about the ITALIAN BORN bogus Rashtramata Sonia, the schizophrenic female with mouth in India and heart in Italy, who does not know whether to project Italy, a Hindu, or India to the world. The whole of HINDUSTHAN ought to be mighty grateful to Mr Gautier who picked up the cause of the downtrodden Hindu nation who were subjected to HOLOCAUST after HOLOCAUST, the last one in 1947. Now consider this: The Palestinians uprooted a year later still insist on their right to property in Israel but which Hindu will want to take possession of his house in Pakistan? Muslims are LUCKY DEVILS everywhere who stand only to gain even in the case of mixed marriages. Those ousted and expelled by them do not wish to return to their homes. Hindu Holocaust Museum is a small step in turning the Hindu "JACKALS" into "LIONS". WHO IS GETTING WORRIED? It is the powerful Muslim-Christian Fifth Column the despicable HINDU who depends on them for crumbs to feed his own family. There is no shortage of such despicable "rats". That is how the Muslim MINORITY could inflict a crushing DEFEAT on the Hindu MAJORITY in 1947. Hindu MAJORITY has not dared to even look back or recall. Hindu MAJORITY does not wish to be reminded of the KILLING GROUNDS in which their ancestors were slaughtered by the million. There is definitely urgent need of establishing not ONE Hindu Holocaust Museum in the whole of BROKEN BHARAT but one in each and every STATE. WHO EXTERMINATED THE HINDUS IN WEST PUNJAB? Was it not ISLAM? Who wiped out the HINDUS in Sindh, Balochistan, NWFP and NORTH KASHMIR? Was it not ISLAM? How much more do the MUSLIMS need to crush, smash, kill, convert, rape and dispossess the HINDUS before they start feeling the need of a Hindu Holocaust Museum? Hindus, be warned. The Hindu, in WHAT IS LEFT OF INDIA, is regarded "dangerous" while the MUSLIMS who fly their FLAGS defiantly even in New Delhi are his “brothers”. We owe a great debt of gratitude to Gautier and Elst. They speak like FREE MEN while the Hindu race is still gasping for breath, lying under the foot of an ITALIAN BORN ANTI HINDU female. "AKHAND BHARAT" is possible by MANLY RETALIATION, not by being BRAINWASHED by ENEMY AGENTS. ----------------------------------------------------- (www.partitionofindia.com) .---------------------------------------------------- In a message dated 20/09/2009 19:23:54 GMT Standard Time, kollengode99@yahoo.com writes: When we hear the word HOLOCAUST most of us think immediately of the Jewish people and their plight during the few years that Adolph Hitler held the world hostage. Today, with an increased awareness of minority rights, many of us are also aware of the Holocaust of the Native American peoples under the European invasion of the Americas. Many also remember the genocide of the Armenian peoples by the Turks. Even the huge loss of life and culture sustained by the indigenous Pagan peoples of Europe has become a well known fact. But no one ever seems to have even heard of the 1000 year long holocaust of Hindus, which continues today. This site is dedicated to the many millions of Hindu lives lost, to the unbelievable loss of cultural and spiritual institutions, temples and burning of scriptures by Islamic and Christian invaders to Bharatvarsha (India) who even today, and with government sanction, seek to finally convert every last Hindu and prays for the complete extinction of the oldest religion known to mankind, Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism). We hope that this site will enlighten you to the truth which has for too long been ignored. Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed. Thank you for visiting. http://www.hinduholocaust.com/HinduHolocaustMuseum.htm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 000000000