Date: 24 Sep 2009


Shri P. Chidambram asks Delhites to be more civil and disciplined so that the participants and other persons taking part in the Commonwealth Games feel themselves at home and take sound opinion of our country when they return. Shri Chindambram ought to have given this advice to the administration too, who enforce law, maintain basic amenities and ensure smooth running of Delhi. Does Shri Chidambram know that anamolies commence the moment one arrives at the Delhi Airport. Shri Chidambram could do better by visiting the Delhi International Airport Car Park, where Park Attendants present India as a beggar country. Often they offer Salaams to Foreigners, not because they are hospitable, but because they want to exort money(preferably Dollars and Pounds). Furthermore, Shri Chidambram could tell us how many Public Conveniences have been provided to meet the requirements of the Nationasl Capital and how many are maintained properly? 000000000