Date: 30 Sep 2009


NON INDIAN AS MP IN INDIA? READ ON - THE DECOMPOSING & DYING WORLD OF THE HINDUS. HE IS NOT THE FIRST NON INDIAN IN HIGH PLACES. WHAT ABOUT THE ITALIAN BORN "MOTHER OF NATION"? SONIA MAINO WAS NEITHER BORN IN INDIA NOR WAS SHE A HINDU WHEN SHE ENTERED THE PRIME MINISTER'S HOUSE AND OFFICE, AS STATUS SYMBOL OF THE INFERIORITY COMPLEX RIDDEN INDIAN "COOLIE" CALLED RAJIV GANDHI. IN REALITY THE BOFORS CHOR REGARDED HER AS HIS VALUABLE "TROPHY"- TO HELL WITH THE IMAGE OF HINDUSTHAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! -------------------------------------------------- New Delhi: Moni Kumar, former MP from Tezpur in Assam, is not an Indian citizen, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has told the Supreme Court. The CBI has told the court that Subba's nationality documents are forged and a case must be filed against him. CNN-IBN in May 2007 had found that Subba, 51, was a Nepali citizen named Moni Raj Limbo, who had escaped from prison in that country after being convicted of murder. According to official records in Nepal, Limbo escaped from prison in 1973 and was never traced. There is no substantiated proof of MK Subba's existence in India prior to 1973. Subba, in April last year, filed a birth certificate before the Supreme Court in which he said that he was born in Dabgram but a CNN-IBN investigation again revealed that the document was fake. Subba, three-time MP from Assam, had also cited three different places and dates of birth in his election affidavits. IANS reports that during the 12th Lok Sabha elections, Subba in his nomination papers recorded his place of birth as Tezpur, Assam, his date of birth being March 16, 1951. But his dossier during the 14th Lok Sabha Subba shows his place of birth as Dabgram (Darjeeling) in West Bengal, and the date of birth as March 16, 1958. Subba, a Congress deader, was the richest candidate in Assam during the Lok Sabha elections with cash, assets and investments worth more than Rs 60 crore. IANS reports a public interest petition in January urged the Supreme Court to disqualify Subba because over the controversy over his nationality but it was rejected. "The courts cannot unseat legislators," the apex court had said. 000000000