Should we celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi?

Date: 06 Oct 2009


Re; Should we celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi? What is the punishment for a LEADER who betrays his country, nation and followers? EXECUTION BY FIRING SQUAD, OR HANGING TILL DEATH? What was the fate of HITLER? What was the fate of MUSSOLINI? Gandhi had to defend, Defend, DEFEND, every inch of SACRED DHARTI of our Motherland but he watched, Watched, WATCHED like a mouse as if a cat was staring at him, when "MOTHER" India was mutilated and her children killed and her daughters abducted and raped? What does the CAPTAIN of a ship that SINKS, do? He takes the poison pill OR goes down with the ship. Our SHIP in 1947 was BHARAT (INDIA) and Gandhi was the CAPTAIN while traitor Nehru was the navigator. -------------------------------------------- In the annals of our culture no grandfather has even thought of sleeping naked with his grand daughters (the Kanjaks/Devi Bhavanis/Adi Shaktis) to test his urge/Control of his sexual desires. But Gandhi Mahatma had the effrontery to do so. Knowing that his father was to breathe his lost, yet he considered it fit to continue in bed with his wife. Is there any reason to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti is a question which is not worth even pondering at. 000000000