Date: 08 Oct 2009


ROTTEN INDIAN LEGAL SYSTEM LIKE HER RULERS There is wholesale abuse of women's laws which are ill conceived and more in spirit of public rhetoric than good intent. Even police and courts enjoy sadistic behaviour fully knowing many times that complaints are improbable,unlikely and having many holes. Women's Commission is also one of the badly formed and enacted organisation in India managed by politicians who find a comfortable chair and an office with lot of perks.Their intervention in small things like the one in recent Air India brwal exposes their petty intents fully. People should not be carried away by sloganry on women welfare and demand restrictions on stupidly enacted women's laws which are abused and not used in majority of cases. Those who are actually victims never get justice from these snail paced, irresponsible ,shameless and unaccountable judicial system of India which is worst than most badly governed small countries in world having no law and order. Indian judciary has no law and order either. They cause more torture to victims than giving relief. It is a matter of shame and gross violation of fundamental rights and human rights of victims of crimes and foul acts in country. Indian higher courts are more irresponsible than lower courts. The delay in appeals and revisions is huge and a blessing in disguise for convicts who merrily live on bail for decades. I wont mind calling higher judiciary farcical in India except for some writ petitions disposed by them quickly. Indian judiciary should urgently introspect itself and stop behaving above people of India and society before they are dismissed by people as a fraudulent setup and people take law in hands. Police are now being assaulted and time is not far before lawyers and judges will start getting kicks in their backsides from irritated and helpless citizens. Already Naxalites and Maoists are pain in you-know-what of government, judiciary and police alike. It is amazing that with millions of cases pending in Indian courts with 5 to 20 years for judgments , judges right up to Supreme Court and our PM sleep comfortably giving big verbal lectures and just not giving a damn to solutions. No one in India ever stopped these courts and government from expanding the setup to at least 3 times of present and reforming foolish and archaic rules of courts which are in grip of many corrupt lawyer's lobby who are stinking rich and cheap in their behaviour. They can be best called legal pimps. Judges happily close their eyes. Is india a country worth living in, and does judiciary have any moral rights to hold their heads high and look into eyes of people who appoint and pay them. I want answer from CJI and all CJs and PM as to who stopped them from expanding judiciary and changing the foolish rules of courts? I know no one did . Indian public is wiling to spend even Rs 5000 crores every year more for faster, cleaner and fairer justice. It is hardly 1% of indian GDP. Why we are not doing this? Because criminals, lawyers and politicians donít want it. Judges dont want it. They are having a big stake in status quo. Shame! How long will we keep calling courts honourable without doing any thing concrete? They have to fix benchmarks for justice and time taken. Lawyers behaviour and fees have to be checked. People should revolt now and demand concrete action from judiciary of India. We cant pay them and spend thousands of crores on a tortuous and non delivering organ of society that is actually helping crimes and crminlas and wrong doers in society. lacs of vexatious and malafied suits are admitted and dragged for years in Indian courts. It is disgusting. We can call indian judiciary incapable, unwilling and corrupt and a big failure in maintaining law and order and a civilised well behaving society. It is a scar and burden of this great ancient civilisation based country. It is a matter of shame and regret that judiciary refuses to behave and become accountable even after 62 years of formation of India using same old British style of torturing Indian subjects. Just visit any court and see how bad they work and look like fish markets. I fail to understand why Indian courts dont want to be under RTI Act and why judges donít want to reveal their wealth. Are they special and above people of India and constitution? Who gave them rights to keep cases pending and defer dates for years and years? Who stopped them from acting tough with corrupt and delaying lawyers? Why the penalties under IPC have not been revised in last 60 years? The fine for rape is 5000/ only which is less than average money charged by a prostitute. But in newly formed laws like drinking in public places the fine of Rs 50,000 has been envisaged. This shows that judiciary and politicians donít want crime to be costly and victims to be paid compensation. It exposes them further that they are not interested in potent justice system in India. 000000000