Date: 18 Oct 2009


Congratulations to the brave and patriotic Americans for peaceful vigil in front of Ground Zero in New York. In 1947, with the PERMANENT (AND MOST HUMILIATING UNCONDITIONAL) SURRENDER OF FIVE PROVINCES that became PAKISTAN where some TWO MILLION innocent citizens of India were savagely killed by the suddenly unleashed mad Mohammedan fury, and countless girls and women were gang raped, and over 15 million Hindus and Sikhs were forced out of their homes, leaving behind their mandirs and gurdwaras, too, SURELY makes a compelling case to remember them far more intensely and urgently than the sad demise of some 3,000 at the hands of mad Mohammedans in New York in 2001. On that day America did not lose an inch of TERRITORY to the savages. America is GREAT since they commemorate the Dead. Our India must look despicably SMALL ("rat") to the whole world in comparison that does not even recall the Dead. IN THE REMAINING BLEEDING DECOMPOSING "MIDDLE INDIA" (WITH WEST AND EAST GONE!) NO VIGIL, NO MEMORIAL, NO SPEECHES BY LEADERS, NO HOLOCAUST MUSEUM? Appeal to the Indians: Dear all, when you commemorate the Dead WITH THE AMERICANS, please feel the INNER URGE to do something similar about reminding the forgetful complacent sleepy secular HINDU NATION back home to do something like this, too, in order to cover ourselves in glory. Rajput 18 Oct 09 (UK) In a message dated 17/10/2009 23:07:02 GMT Standard Time, xxxxx writes: VIDEO OF 9/11 RALLY BY HUMAN RIGHTS COALITION AGAINST RADICAL ISLAM. (Banners and posters at the end of the email also). Regards, ===================== Rally Pictures, banners at the end. - Peaceful Vigil in front of Ground Zero in New York on 9/11 - 000000000