Date: 18 Oct 2009


WHAT SHOULD MIDDLE INDIA (HINDUSTHAN) DO TO CONGRESS PARTY IN INDIA? CONGRESS PARTY OF JAWAHARLAL NEHRU AND MK GANDHI, professing to be SECULAR, surrendered one third of India UNCONDITIONALLY to separatist savage ISLAM, delivering the HINDUS AND SIKHS to death and degradation under Islamic flags. The Hindus forgot and forgave and still cling to Congress Party, begging, “SONIA JI, PLEASE RULE US. We have forgotten the BOFORS commissions that you have in foreign banks. You can loot and plunder our country AND BASH THE HINDUS even more. We will always love and adore you.” CONGRESS PARTY OF JAWAHARLAL NEHRU AND MK GANDHI beat, thrashed, clobbered and mutilated PUNJAB like no one else before. They gave West Punjab to Mohammed without imposing a single condition or ensuring the safety of Hindus and Sikhs who had been living there for centuries. They simply gave away the holiest gurdwaras and mandirs to the "DEVILS" whose history of demolishing and destroying temples is well recorded and known to ALL. Not content with the decimation of Sikhs at PARTITION, Congress went on to divide EAST PUNJAB still further. Inciting the Hindus with slogans like “HINDU AND HINDI are in danger!”, they took away vast scenic mountainous areas (Himachal Pradesh) and the productive agricultural plains of East Punjab (Haryana). Finally to "GIVE A BOOT UP ALL," they not only made TWO STATES to share the same capital city of CHANDIGARH but also placed it directly under Central Government, calling is UNION TERRITORY. Not trusting a Hindu or Sikh for the chair of GOVERNOR they brought a CATHOLIC EX GENERAL called Rodrigues who neither enters a gurdwara nor a mandir but acts as the eyes of Sonia and ears of Pope. NOT THAT ANY HINDU OR SIKH SEEMS PERTURBED. Not one of these THREE states has banned the treacherous Congress Party or banned the entry of any Congress "dog or bitch" in the State. The question is, HOW WOULD ANY OTHER NATION ON EARTH HAVE TREATED A PARTY THAT REDUCED THE COUNTRY BY ONE THIRD IN AREA AND WENT ON CLOBBERING, BASHING AND KILLING THE NATIVES? Now look at BENGAL. Partitioned to surrender vast Eastern area named East Pakistan, then captured AND RETURNED again to the DEVILS by CONGRESS PARTY GOVERNMENT in 1972, but no one shouted, "IT'S RAPE OF SECULARISM SECOND TIME!" The Bengalis would profusely garland Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh if they arrive in Kolkata tomorrow, forgetting the ENEMY in them. Spare a thought for ASSAM, too. Just ONE district had the MISFORTUNE to have too many MOHAMMEDS and that had to be cut off like a gangrene infected limb. It was the district of SYLHET. But no Assamese has thrown a shoe or abuse at any Congress "dog or bitch" coming to the State. The world congratulates India for having TRAITORS like Nehru and “rats” like Gandhi who conceded the Himalayan SURRENDERS without challenge, condition or FIGHT, and later allowed Islam free play in Pakistan and Bangladesh while SUPPRESSING the Hindus in MIDDLE INDIA. What we think of this "ALL-INDIA CONGRESS PARTY" is UNPRINTABLE. No one has ever looked at the word "INDIA" in its title. What was the size of India when the Party was founded, when KHYBER and CHITTAGONG were in her? And what is the size of that INDIA now? Is there NO patriotic organisation in the whole of India that could yell out, "SURRENDER OF 1947 IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. HANG THE "BAST*RDS WHO SIGNED AWAY ONE THIRD OF INDIA TO THE DEVILS IN PERPETUITY!" There, in New York, they hold a vigil for the Dead of NINE ELEVEN round the clock. Some 3,000 lives were lost to Mohammed and not one inch of American territory became "Islamic". Where is the VIGIL for the TWO MILLION DEAD of 1947 when FIVE PROVINCES of India disappeared overnight? Should anyone not have SHOT DEAD the "dog" who was seeing his "glow of freedom" standing on the rampart of Red Fort in Delhi at midnight on that BLACK day when HINDUSTHAN was in MOURNING? What does the whole world think of the INDIANS, especially the HINDUS and the SIKHS who have forgotten and forgiven and embraced the DEVILS? We leave it to your imagination. 18 Oct 09 000000000