Date: 19 Oct 2009


news item: persecution of hindus in bangladesh continues. One wonders why did Nehru give East Bengal away to BUTCHERS to finish off all the HINDUS, without imposing a single condition or asking them to ensure the safety of Hindus or insisting on TRANSFER OF POPULATION. It means that Nehru himself was the ENEMY of Hindus and India, to give away ONE THIRD OF INDIA UNCONDITIONALLY when he knew the Muslim character for 1000 years. He was not naive, or ignorant or senile or a fool. NEHRU WAS A SECRET CONVERT TO ISLAM and the Hindus did not bother to find out the truth about him but simply started adoring and admiring him. He was history's biggest conman. Hindus of Delhi did not relate to the Hindus of LAHORE but celebrated so called Independence in Delhi. The Rest of India became Congress Coolie Colony. And it is so till today. We need to encourage and inspire the Hindu LEADERS to be MEN but not to remain mice 19.10.09 ====== 000000000