Date: 25 Oct 2009


ILL-FATED "GOVERNMENT" OF PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE (P.I.S.S.) FRUSTRATING THE MILITARY PENSIONERS Dated: 25 Oct 2009 Press Release Unhappy Over Non Grant of One Rank One Pension (OROP), Ex - Servicemen Deposit Medals with the President Fifth time on 25 Oct 2009 at Jantar Mantar, NEW DELHI. Dear Members of the Media, 1. The Govt continues to ignore the grant of One Rank One Pension demand of Ex Servicemen (ESM). The Prime Minister in his speech at Red Fort on 15 Aug 09 had stated that pensions of JCOs and other ranks have been enhanced. Even, these orders have not yet been issued by the Govt. Why there should be so much delay? Is it that bureaucracy with intent to harass the Ex Servicemen is causing hurdles in issuing the necessary orders? The Ex Servicemen are very angry and hurt on this attitude of the Govt. In order to express their anger and resentment the representatives of ex servicemen under the umbrella of Indian Ex Servicemen Movement from all states assembled at Jantar Mantar New Delhi to return their medals to the President once again. 2. Two Thousand (2000) medals were collected between 10 O clock to 2 PM and a delegation of ten ex-servicemen Col P I S Phoolka, Col Kirit Joshipura, Warrant Officer Bala Thilkan, Honorary Capt Jarnail Singh, Sep Jagrup Singh, Sergeant J S Kohli, Commander Gurjinder Singh Sidhu, Sub Maj Jagmeet Singh, Sub Maj Manphool Singh, Sub Maj Prithvi Singh. All members of the steering committee of IESM including Lt Gen Raj Kadyan, Chairman, Maj Gen Satbir Singh Vice Chairman, and Maj Gen P K Renjen were present at Jantar Mantar. The ex servicemen present expressed their anguish and strongly recommended that the movement must be intensified throughout the Country to get the demand of One Rank One Pension met at the earliest. They all resolved to continue their struggle in a peaceful and dignified manner within the democratic norms and discipline. It may please be noted that Ex Servicemen have already deposited 20000 medals with the President. 3. A few facts regarding pensions of Defence Personnel are reemphasised as under:- An old pensioner Sepoy with 17 years of service gets a pension of Rs 3500/-per month only where as a Sepoy retiring after 2006 with same years of service gets a Pension of Rs 7045/- per month. Likewise all Ex servicemen of all ranks who retired prior to 01 Jan 06 will draw much less pension as compared to their counter parts retiring after 01 Jan 2006 This is totally unjust, illegal and happens only in our Country. A Major General pre 2006 retiree will get far less pension than a Lt Col, who is four ranks junior, who retired after 01-01-06. Likewise , other senior rank officers i.e. Brig, Col, Lt Col, Maj, Capt, Lt, PBORs who are pre 2006 retirees will get less pension than their counterparts who retired after 01-01-06. This weird situation is also a blatant violation of Article 14 of the constitution. A senior rank officer must never get less pension than his junior rank officer irrespective of the date of retirement. The very functioning of the Army Rank structure is being adversely affected since the present serving personnel are the future retirees. There is far too large a gap --- of Rs 11600 --- between Major and Lt Col. Similarly, too large a gap has been created between the pensions of Major General and Lt Gen i.e. Rs 9800/- The pensions of Lt Col, Col, Brig and Major General have been kept in a rather too narrow a range i.e. Rs 25700 – Rs 26700/-, a gap of only Rs 1000. The length of service and level of responsibility held have not been given due weightage. Between Col and Maj Gen, the difference in pension is only Rs 650/-. The anomaly is too glaring. There should be sufficient gap, between the pensions of successive ranks and there should be no large variations within a particular rank. While implementing the Supreme Court judgment in the case of Maj Gens, the Govt has accepted the concept of granting the same pension to pre 96 and post 96 retirees with same rank and same service the plea made by Maj Gens when 5th Pay Commission was implemented. In the same way, the Govt should have applied the same concept in the case of pre 01 Jan 2006 and Post 01 Jan 2006 retirees of all ranks. Three Assured Carrier Progressions (ACP) concept has been accepted as 6th CPC award. However, the same has not been applied to the past pensioners. The past pensioners should also be given the benefit of ACP by notionally applying the concept to them and their pensions fixed accordingly. 3. All ESM of India are resentful of the Govt attitude in not accepting their most genuine demands. The Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (IESM) which is an Umbrella Organisation of all ESM Organisations and ESM and has been spearheading the protest movement since 27 April 2008 to get Justice to the Defence Forces has decided to intensify the movement. Even the Request made by IESM to the President for an audience more than two month ago has not yet been granted. More protest events have been planned which will continue till all demands are met. 4. One cannot help recall the words of President Obama from the address he delivered to the US veterans on 17 Aug 2009. “……These are commitments that we make to the patriots who serve-from the day they enlist to the day that they are laid to rest……” 000000000