Date: 26 Oct 2009


TO ALL HINDUUS !!!---रेल टकराने से,पुल टूटने से,पानी की नाली टूटने से, भगथड मचने से,शोर्ट सरकेटिंग से,आग लगने से,सीलंदर फटने से,---आदि आदि से हिन्दू - हत्याएं ----- ये ९९ % मुस्लिम आतंकी आक्रमण हैं १ % दुर्घटनाएं हैं | | ऎसी दुर्घटनाएं हज पर,जुम्मे निमाज़ पर,गिरजा घरों में मॉस पर क्यों नहीं होती ? WILL HINDUS UNDERSTAND THIS OR NOT! ------------------------- COMMENT WHY THE PRESENT LOT OF HINDUS WILL NOT UNDERSTAND THE ABOVE. (Because this is POLITICS, nor "bhajan" or "kirtan", "dance & sweets"!) Shockingly, POLITICAL LITERACY among the Hindus is NIL. Politics are taboo in mandirs and gurdwaras. They have remained taboo for the last ONE THOUSAND YEARS. Mandirs and gurdwaras are deep frozen buildings with swords & sticks turned into ICICLES. In mosques it is the FIRES that are lit every Friday in order to consume the neighbourhood. Petro dollars are constucting more mosques across the globe to INCREASE NUMBERS and boost the spirit of Jehad. Christians have the advantage of world's mightiest super power and the sovereign state of VATICAN (the GLOBAL empire of Pope) at their beck & call all the time. Muslims have strong PRESS (& POLITICAL PRESENCE) and so do the CHRISTIANS. They are UNITED in order to advance on our territory and walk over our DEAD bodies. On the other hand the Hindus have been BEATEN INTO COMPLACENCY, SUBMISSION and COMPLIANCE. On top of that there are our religious preachers. The Hindus do not tire of chanting "Ishwar Allah tero Naam," while the Sikhs, the continuously MOST MASSACRED & PERSECUTED community on earth, have not dared to set up even ONE Sikh Holocaust Museum anywhere in East Punjab. Does anyone have the slightest aspiration to return to LAHORE? Do the Hindus dream of recovering North Kashmir and going back to their homes in East Bengal and Karachi? Does anyone speak of "showing the door" to the "RASCALS" to go to Pakistan that was carved out of the body of India (quite a messy BLOODY caesarian operation) to be the homeland of INDIAN Muslims? We are BETRAYED, and left to perish, by our own RULERS and the "HINDU KILLER" Nehru Dynasty that are the rulers. So it is a challenge to cry before PRISON POPULATION to overthrow the guards and BREAK OUT. Even the tiny Vatican is a sovereign State while mutilated Hindusthan is still performing for her FOREIGN masters. The treacherous duo of "Chacha" (TRAITOR) Nehru and trembling, scared stiff (COWARD) "Bapu" MK Gandhi set the FRANKENSTEIN of Islam free in Lahore (while keeping the "MONSTER" in Broken Bharat, too). They put their dirty smelly FEET on Hindu Religion at the same time (hour of dark midnight) when Bandit Nehru saw the glow of his own freedom. What seemed mere "glow" to Nehru's eyes were in reality widespread RAGING FIRES across the whole of West Punjab, consuming HINDU/SIKH families, homes and businesses, that were leaping up to the sky, "licking" the clouds above. An elephant pushed the tiny tip of its trunk through a small hole in a high wall. The onlookers had no idea of the size of the animal behind. That "glow of Nehru's freedom" was the tip of those gigantic sky high fires that were raging furiously behind in Western India and Eastern India that consumed over TWO MILLION innocent lives who could not even see the mere glow. ---------------------------------------------------------- PS: Could we send copies to whoever seems to be Hindu LEADER in Bharat? 000000000