Date: 28 Oct 2009


Dear BBC, (WHYS) Please note that if America PAYS the Taliban for good behaviour, the insurgency and hatred for America & CHRISTIANITY will INCREASE. America will be considered WEAK and APPEASING. Girls, both Muslim and Non Muslim, will be considered a "game". These highly motivated, indoctrinated and BRAINWASHED Taliban (more FANATIC than the Kamakazi pilots and Hitler's SS troops) are "charged" with totally BLIND faith in Koran, and will exploit the American KAFIRS (infidels) to the maximum. This war will be everlasting. In modern terms the Taliban are like the NAZIS in 1940's. The entire German nation was at war against the whole world. The ALLIES did not "buy" their way out of World War 2 by PAYING Hitler. They had strong Churchill then, not yesterday's MK GANDHI or today's weak-kneed, dithering and appeasing EU and PARTITIONED India". What did they do? We must do exactly the SAME. Afghanistan has to be INVADED from East (through Pakistan) South (through Pakistan), North (through Russia) as well as BY AIR (from INDIA). The INVADING FORCES ought to advance on LAND in order to meet somewhere in central Afghanistan (like the meeting of Allies and the Russian armies on River Elbe in central Germany). See http://www.usmlm.org/home/russians/wwii-torgau.htm After appointing CIVILIAN ADMINISTRATORS there should be grand trial, NUREMBERG STYLE, of all the TALIBAN- generals to foot soldiers. After that a NEW CONSTITUTION must be written up. Koran, like "MEIN KAMPF", must be kept OUT. The Afghans, like ALL THE GERMANS, must be made to accept and treat with respect & dignity ALL the citizens alike. Thus there must be guarantees of safety& EQUALITY for all WOMEN, CHRISTIANS, HINDUS, BUDDHISTS and BLACKS, even the ATHEISTS. "Marshal Plan" should be announced to revive commerce and industry and undertake a massive building & EDUCATION programme in Afghanistan. Anyone flaunting Islam in public ought to be sent to prison or GALLOWS. That treatment would be the same as meted out to the Nazis in Germany who flaunted their "HAKENKREUZ" after the end of WW2. If Islam and Koran cannot be taken out of CONSTITUTION of the LIBERATED Afghanistan then the Afghans will continue to regard themselves the "chosen people" and the REST of population like the JEWS in 3rd. Reich. Schizophrenic "MUTUALLY BLASTING & BUTCHERING" Pakistanis, too, ought to send ISLAM & KORAN back to Arabia in order to live in peace & harmony among themselves and The Rest. There is no dearth of true & divine gurus in Hindusthan who spoke, sang and composed in NATIVE languages. 28 Oct 09 =========== 000000000