Date: 13 Nov 2009


"REAL DEFENCE" of India. The best real defence is given by GOD. England's defence was much strengthened by the SEA all round. Napoleon and Hitler could not march into England like marching into Denmark or Holland. On the other hand countries like France, Denmark and Poland that did not have NATURAL barriers suffered the ravages by invading armies marching left to right and right to left across them, leaving the land in ruins. India at the time of PARTITION was perfectly bestowed by GOD with mountains (Himalayas) to the NORTH, Khyber range (near Peshawar) and Koh-i-Suleman range (near Quetta) to the WEST and the hostile hilly terrain in the EAST (as the then Admiral Mountbatten discovered during World War 2. Those deep valleys and high hills ran north to south, making it most difficult to march west or east. Additionally BURMA -now Myanmar- has the RELIGION that went from Bharat unlike the hostile, fiery, wild, separatist and savage ISLAM to the West). With regard to REAL defence, the "TRAITOR OF MILLENNIUM", PANDIT NEHRU, and the "CUCKOO OF MILLENNIUM" MK GANDHI, ensured perfectly for the ultimate dissolution (disappearance) of the remaining HINDUSTHAN and HINDUS. Their LONG RANGE STRATEGY was to exterminate the HINDUS in South Asia by giving the INITIAL ADVANTAGE to the enemy and starting the process that is unstoppable until the ultimate DOOM. There are historic and supernatural pulls by Nature to put LAHORE and DELHI under ONE flag. Hindu leaders ought to have COUNTER ATTACKED then and there, instead of being reconciled to that bogus PARTITION. Disregarding BANDIT Nehru's ISLAMIC propensity, All India Hindu Mahasabha had to pass a Resolution as early as August 1947 to ASSERT that Lahore must revert to Bharat. There is no such Resolution on record but we did have the "Pakistan Resolution" of 1940 on record. LEADERLESS Hindus waited passively till that Islamic Resolution became the Sword of Mohammed seven years later that cut off five provinces of India and slaughtered millions of us in cold blood. To ensure REAL defence even NOW it is essential to pass such a Resolution that calls for re-negotiation of Partition. Let it be on record. One day it will become the mighty WEAPON of Sri Rama and Sri Krishna or the Sword of Guru Gobind Singh and STRIKE the enemy and shift the flag of Mohamed from Lahore to Kabul. They are most welcome to it, to live under it in HELL on earth and in THIS life. Partition (without referendum!) was simply SURRENDERING one third of India UNCONDITIONALLY to bloodthirsty barbarian Mohammedans. Those who find such description politically incorrect or difficult to swallow, need to ask the grandfathers (or grandmothers) who were forced to flee Sindh, Balochistan, WEST PUNJAB and NWFP, and East Bengal, at that time (there were MILLIONS of them), or read the newspapers of those days and even the details of those murders, rape and plundering in several books like "FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT (Collins). Since the SAME dynasty that gave away vast territories of our sacred TERRITORY "for a song" to the enemy, is still in power, TRUTH about Partition and its strategic implications for the HINDUS cannot be discussed openly. Unfortunately we still do not see the "death" of this dynasty (despite assassinations of THREE "Gandhis" and passage of SIX DECADES) in the near future. Furthermore, this nefarious anti national ALLIANCE of "Muslims and Christians" (to be called "AXIS POWERS" AGAINST Hindus and Sikhs) will rather FIGHT tooth and nail to death than yield power. Days ahead for the Hindus are dark UNLESS our leaders grasp the REALITY and do just ONE thing: Reject Partition. For such an act of courage and PATRIOTISM none will be arrested or hanged. But it will wash away the black stigma of surrender and cowardice from our faces. If the INDIAN Muslims wish to have a separate homeland where they have the license to wipe out all the Hindus, then there is no place for the ENEMY in (what is left of) India. Nehru could not have exposed himself more clearly as the WORST ENEMY of India and Hindus than by giving them VAST TERRITORIES and also insisting on the Muslims to stay back in MIDDLE INDIA (minus East and West). Anyone can see the point that if Lahore is to go under ISLAM then Delhi cannot remain SECULAR. Secularism then becomes like a large sheep pen with the prowling and marauding WOLVES on either side, and also WITHIN. For real defence India must restore her borders as they stood at that BOGUS, inconclusive and treacherous Partition which gave EVERYTHING to the Indian Muslims AT THE COST OF HINDUS and our HINDUSTHAN. Real defence also requires RESOURCES. These are HUMAN and NATURAL. A fragment is weaker than the whole. Fragments can also be mutually agreeable and supporting, and peaceful, like the parts (countries) of Europe and America. But what sort of fragments does MIDDLE INDIA have on either side? These are hostile and venomous, either busy making nuclear bombs for Hindusthan or sending in millions of INFILTRATORS, including suicide bombers, to act as FIFTH COLUMN in any future CIVIL WAR. As an EFFECTIVE human resource the people have to be WARRIORS, not "vegan ahimsa smitten" gentle folk who INVITE aggression and expose their own daughters to be seduced, abducted, raped and converted. (This was the fate of countless Hindu girls in 1947 though there is NO memorial to their degradation & death anywhere in Bharat.) The "eye wash" appointment of Manmohan Singh and Sonia's sweet smiles are FRAUD & DECEPTION on the HINDU nation. The REAL defence is to kick them out of chairs of POWER and put the defence in HINDU hands. There is NONE better for real defence of PARTITIONED India than the HINDU himself. We ought to comprehend the reasons of the TIGHTENING NOOSE around the HINDU'S NECK. At the same time there is need to appreciate the MARTIAL qualities, skills and courage of the FIGHTING communities among the Hindus, e.g., Marathas, Rajputs, Sikhs, Jats, and all those along the WESTERN border of Bharat who had to fight for survival and to KEEP THE WOLF AWAY for centuries. To conclude, every thesis on the Defence of India is imperfect or within the constraints of "political correctness" . REALITY demands hard look at defence. ISLAMIC PAKISTAN and ISLAMIC BANGLADESH point to the need of HINDU RASHTRA in the MIDDLE, not a surrendering / vanishing Gandhian landscape that will stand up eventually to welcome the MARAUDERS and INVADERS from EITHER side with open arms. 000000000