Date: 13 Nov 2009


1. IN DEFENCE OF POLES Perhaps it is due to political correctness or to appease ISLAM, the IMMIGRATION figures CONCEAL the No. of MUSLIMS arriving in this country- legally and ILLEGALLY. The hardworking POLES are mentioned as if we don't care for their feelings but do the POLES build mosques here? Do they seduce or groom naive native girls to obtain rights of stay and to produce more Muslims? Are the Poles as unskilled as the Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Iraqis, the Afghans and the Somalis and the Nigerians? Are the Poles notorious for drugs and drug pushing? Do the Poles run smuggling rings and vice parlous? Do the Poles plan to impose SHARIA Law or the Law of Pope on this nation? Do the Poles have very large families? Do the Poles have any terrorist networks here that are a headache to police and the security forces? Are the Poles staying put here FOR EVER like "stones or rocks" like the MUSLIMS? Have the Poles arrived here after BREAKING UP any country like India or having committed MASSACRES like the Turks in Armenia, the Taliban in Afghanistan, and the Muslims across Pakistan (1947)? Are the churches or the English "way of life" threatened by POLES in any way? So, will it not be really patriotic not to mention the Poles who, being citizens of EU are legally entitled to be here and they also fought the Nazis alongside us while NOT ONE Muslim country (separatist ISLAMIC REPUBLIC) is willing to send troops to Afghanistan in aid of our own British soldiers? Will the Poles jeer and mock the coffins of our soldiers in any town or street? Do the Poles have any hidden agenda or any propensity to JEHAD in this country? Is there even a single instance of a Polish terrorist group having exploded a bomb on London tube or bus? Do the Poles sing hymns in a European language or in alien Arabic? Are the Polish churches "MEN ONLY" affairs? Do the Poles KILL girls for tribal/family "honour"? If at any time a Briton wants to go abroad for work, will he go to Poland or an Islamic Republic if he or she wants work and QUALITY OF LIFE, too? So, let us be fair. The British are a cricket playing nation. ==========14 Nov 09============ 2. CYPRUS ENSURING SURVIVAL OF GREEK CYPRIOTS IN CYPRUS Turkey invaded Cyprus illegally and without provocation in 1974, thus showing her aggressive nature. Now, viewing the prospect of entry into EU, the same Turks have turned about, and wish to join Southern Cyprus. Should the Greek Cypriots trust them? NO, not without cast iron guarantees & safeguards for their own future. To ensure permanent peace in Cyprus, and security in EU afterwards, the following steps ought to be considered urgently:- 1. Withdrawal of all Turkish forces from the island to end TURKISH military occupation. 2. An apology and REPARATIONS by Turkey for their unprovoked invasion of 1974. 3. Ensure TIGHT borders to the NORTH to prevent the TURKS from entering Cyprus and then making direct way to EU. 4. Ensure that all occupied GREEK homes are returned to original owners or their dependants or heirs. 5. A pledge from the Turks to keep KORAN in their homes and not flaunt it directly or indirectly in public, or try to bring SHARIA in any form or shape into the Constitution of United CYPRUS. 6. Demand the return of all the plundered icons from Greek churches in the North and repair of damaged churches. These ought to be restored to their original condition at the cost of Turkey. 7. Accept culpability in the Armenian massacre and make reparations with apology. 8. Grant equal human rights to the KURDISH minority in Turkey. British Government ought to speak up for the kind of autonomy for the Kurds that they helped to bring about in Kosovo. 9. Greek Cypriots’ fear of being outnumbered, swamped and wiped out by the Turks in the near future is real. They view Turkey exactly as Australia views Indonesia. Therefore, to ensure survival of the Greeks on the island Cyprus ought to be taken out of the Schengen Agreement, like the United Kingdom, in order to control immigration in an effective way. 10. The Turks on the Island may not be encouraged to reproduce at the rate twice of more of the Greeks in order not to tilt the balance of population in favour of Islam. That will mean the death of democracy and freedom of expression as in West Punjab and East Bengal. -------------------14 Nov 09-------------------