Date: 14 Nov 2009


In a message dated 14/11/2009 (BANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU'S BIRTH ANNIVERSARY), xxxxxxxxxxx, writes: HINDUUS ! WAKE UP ! HINDUUS COULD NOT GET THEIR TEMPLES OUT OF GOVT. CONTROL. HINDUUS COULD NOT GET THEIR FRAMED SAADHVII OUT OF JAIL. HINDUUS COULD NOT SOLVE ISLAAMIC TERRORISM. HINDUUS COULD NOT GET OUT THIS ANTI HINDUU , ANTI NATIONAL , HINDUU BASHER , PLEASER OF MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS AND HATER OF HINDUUS CONGRESS GOVT. LEAD BY CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN SONIA GAANDHII THE UGLY HINDUUS COULD NOT GET M F Hussein's PAINTINGS BANNED HINDUUS COULD NOT TAKE ANY ACTION AGAINST THIS ANTI HINDUU , ANTI NATIONAL , HINDUU BASHER , PLEASER OF MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS AND HATER OF HINDUUS CONGRESS GOVT. LEAD BY CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN SONIA GAANDHII THE UGLY WHICH DESTROYS HINDUUS ONLY NOT MUSLIMS OR CHRISTIANS BUT HELPS ONLY MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS NOT HINDUUS-------- अवैद्य निर्माण केवल हिन्दुओं के गिराए गए , मुसलमान और ईसाइयों के नहीं टैक्स छापे , पोलीस छापे , सी बी आई के छापे आदि आदि केवल हिन्दुओं पर मुसलमान और ईसाइयों पर नहीं HINDUUS COULD NOT STOP HAJ SUBSIDY HINDUUS COULD NOT GET THEIR TEMPLES BACK FROM MUSLIMS WHERE MUSLIMS PUT UP THEIR MOSQUES ON HINDUU TEMPLES SITES HINDUUS COULD NOT STOP MUSLIMS NOT TO SAY " THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH " HINDUUS COULD NOT GET RID OF ARTICLE 370 HINDUUS COULD NOT UN DO HINDUUS BRAINWASHING DONE BY MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS ----- THAT HINDUU BASHING IS SECULARISM ---- AND MANY MORE LIKE THAT ---------------------------------------------- "The terrorism had actually started in the 1980s" ---- NOT IN 1980s ---- MUSLIM TERRORISM STARTED ABOUT 1400 YEARS AGO AND CHRISTIAN TERRORISM ABOUT 2009 YEARS AGO . MUSLIM TOOK MORE THAN 70 COUNTRIES FROM HINDUUS AS ---- PAKISTHAAN , BANGLAA DESH , AFGAANIISTHAAN AND MANY MORE AND CHRISTIANS MORE THAN 100 COUNTRIES FROM HINDUUS ----AS कम्बुज देश became कंबोडिया ; श्याम became थाई लैंड ; चम्पा became लाऔस ; मलय और यव द्वीप became मलाया और फिलिपाईन्स ; अमरीष ऋषि से अमेरिका, कनद ऋषि से कैनेडा , यायवर जातियों से योरूप ; ब्रह्म देश became चीन,जापान,कोरिया ; हिन्दू एशिया से इन्डोनेशिया ,आदि आदि पृथु से पृथ्वी ; मनु से मानव जाती ; आदि आदि AND MANY MANY MORE ------ -------------------------------------------------------- पटरी से उतरी मंडोर एक्सप्रेस, 8 मरे , जयपुर, शनिवार, नवंबर 14, 2009 TO ALL HINDUUS !!!---रेल टकराने से,पुल टूटने से,पानी की नाली टूटने से, भगथड मचने से,शोर्ट सरकेटिंग से,आग लगने से,सीलंदर फटने से,नावें डूबने से ---आदि आदि से, हिन्दू विद्यालाओं, विवाहों,उत्सवों,त्योहारों आदि आदि पर विषैली मद से,विषैले भोजन,विषैले पये आदि आदि से हिन्दू - हत्याएं ----- ये ९९ % मुस्लिम आतंकी आक्रमण हैं १ % दुर्घटनाएं हैं | | ऎसी दुर्घटनाएं हज पर,जुम्मे निमाज़ पर,गिरजा घरों में मॉस पर, मुसलमानों, ईसाइयों के विद्यालाओं, विवाहों,उत्सवों,त्योहारों आदि आदि पर क्यों नहीं होती ? -------------- १ . छापामारी केवल हिन्दुओं पर मुसलमानों,ईसाइयों पर कभी नहीं | क्यों ? २ . अवैद्य निर्माण गिराए गए केवल हिन्दुओं के मुसलमानों,ईसाइयों के कभी नहीं | क्यों ? 3 .इस्लामिक आक्रमणों में केवल हिन्दू मरे मुसलमान नहीं | क्यों ? इस का अर्थ है मुसलमानों को पता होता है की अमूक स्थान पर इस्लामिक आक्रमण होने वाला है | अर्थात भारत के मुसलमान इस्लामिक आतंकियों से मिले हुए हैं | 4 . हिन्दू मंदिरों पर सरकार का अधिकार मस्जिदों , गिरजाओं पर नहीं | क्यों ? 5 . हिन्दू महात्माओं , साधुओं को फसा कर बंदी घरों में मुल्लाओं , पादरियों को कभी नहीं | क्यों ? ऐसे अनेकों उदाहरण हैं -- सरकार के हिन्दुओं पर अत्याचारों के ----- WILL HINDUS UNDERSTAND THIS OR NOT ??? -------------------------------- COMMENT ON ABOVE by a "vanishing" HINDU: You are right. Your frustration is fully justified when we notice, or realise, that the NOOSE AROUND THE HINDU'S HEAD IS TIGHTENING all the time, and the victims cannot even notice or see it. We are under ferocious and relentless ideological (and religious) ONSLAUGHT from all sides. The ENEMY WITHIN is killing us off en masse when he gets a chance (1947 and 1984) or piecemeal, one by one, on daily basis, ALL THE TIME. Under the "Constitutional Sword" of Bandit Nehru's "political correctness" we cannot even protest or speak up while his first cousins in Pakistan were NOT put by him in the "dog collar" that he made for the Hindus ONLY. The miserable plight of the betrayed, seduced and abducted HINDU girls is going UNNOTICED all the time. And, even if we do notice, WHAT CAN WE DO? All those betrayed HINDU girls had to be RESCUED promptly with exemplary PUNISHMENT to MOHAMMED (preferably making him reject the vulgar product from Arabia and embrace the excellent NATIVE religion). But each Hindu girl lost to ENEMY means a THOUSAND more of the SAVAGES within decades. How many Hindu girls have been lost even in PARTITIONED INDIA since the moral death of "GOAT" Gandhi's "AKHAND BHARAT" in 1947? Hindus need a "HEAD" to keep all these statistics and publish them to warn the others. The Hindus of West Punjab and East Bengal, and Kashmir, have already been "HANGED TO DEATH" while those in NEPAL and the Rest of India are going up the gallows gradually. What we have been noticing since 1947, when Khyber and Chittagong were squarely INSIDE India, is the gradual "evaporation" of the Hindus from the "hot plate" called "Hindusthan". HINDUS are like a herd of CATTLE. The cattle have all these INABILITIES and WEAKNESSES that you describe in the HINDUUS. One ought to have started the list with the ignoble break up of Hindusthan in my own life time. HINDUUS COULD NOT DEFEND LAHORE, A CITY WITH 75% HINDUS IN IT. Then one would go on- HINDUUS COULD NOT CALL IT "PARTITION" BUT CELEBRATE THE MASSACRE OF OVER TWO MILLION BY CALLING IT "INDEPENDENCE". HINDUUS DARE NOT EVEN ESTABLISH ONE HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. Then I will look at the "BEARDED" HINDUS, the SIKHS. THEY COULD NOT PREVENT THE SURRENDER OF SRI NANKANA SAHIB TO THE SAVAGES WHO SHAMELESSLY PROCLAIM THE MOHAMMED OF ARABIA AS THE SPIRITUAL LORD OF WESTERN AND EASTERN INDIA (PAKISTAN AND BOGUSDESH RESPECTIVELY). THESE BEARDED HINDUS GO ON SAYING, "SERVE ALL," AND CANNOT NOTICE THAT THE GOVERNOR OF THEIR STATE SITS ON UNION TERRITORY (CHANDIGARH) A CITY THAT IS NOT IN PUNJAB. THEY NEITHER NOTICE THEIR OWN DEGRADATION NOR THAT OF THEIR STATE (PUNJAB)! THEY ALSO DO NOT CARE WHO THE GOVERNOR OF THEIR STATE IS. TODAY THE MAN IS EX GENERAL RODRIGUES, A CATHOLIC LIKE ITALIAN BORN SONIA MAINO. HE DOES NOT SPEAK PUNJABI, DOES NOT GO TO GURDWARA TO SIT WITH HIS SUBJECTS (SLAVES) AND DOES NOT WISH THE SIKHS TO PROGRESS OR EXCEL, HE WANTS TO SEE EVERY SIKH SHAVEN OR CONVERTED TO HIS OWN CATHOLIC FAITH AND WANTS ALL HIS SUBJECTS TO LOOK UP TO POPE IN ITALY INSTEAD OF SRI RAMA, SRI KRISHNA, GURU NANAK AND GURU GOBIND SINGH. HE DOES NOT WANT TO SEE GEETA OR GRANTH IN THEIR HANDS. THIS "ENEMY WITHIN" IS THE EYES OF SONIA KHAN (WHO MASQUERADES AS GANDHI) AND EARS OF POPE IN ITALY. WILL THE GOVERNOR OF SIKH MAJORITY STATE EVER SAY, "EAST PUNJAB OUGHT TO ENJOY HALF THE SOVEREIGNTY THAT INDIRA GANDHI BESTOWED SO READILY ON THE MUSLIM EAST BENGAL."? OR, "SRI NANKANA SAHIB OUGHT TO BE A SOVEREIGN CITY LIKE MY VATICAN?" NO. NO. NO. THE GOVERNOR OF THIS "MUCH REDUCED EAST PUNJAB" IS "SPIT" IN THE SIKHS' TURBANS. BUT DO THEY NOTICE? DO THEY MIND? NO, BECAUSE AT HEART THEY ARE HINDUUS. AT HEART THEY, TOO, ARE SHEEP THAT CAN BE DRIVEN AWAY FROM ONE PASTURE "WEST PUNJAB" TO ANOTHER PASTURE "EAST PUNJAB" MINUS HARYANA, HIMACHAL PRADESH AND THE UNION TERRITORY OF BANDIT NEHRU. But no use speaking to the SHEEP. If we want them to alter course we tell the SHEPHERD. The shepherd of Hindu sheep was one MK Gandhi who watched his sheep devoured by MUSLIM WOLVES and the other was JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, who simply signed off one third of India to the ENEMY without laying down a SINGLE condition. Both these shepherds also BEGGED OF THE WOLVES (HINDU BLOOD DRIPPING FROM THEIR MOUTHS) TO STAY BACK IN PARTITIONED INDIA in order to go on eating HINDU sheep. So the first task, or challenge, is to find a NEW SHEPHERD- someone like Shivaji, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Guru Gobind Singh ji, or even Sri Rama, the VICTOR OF SRI LANKA. Our new leader must have the INSPIRATION to liberate our territories lost in 1947 through fraud, deception and British COLLUSION. Nov 15, 2009 ========. 000000000