Date: 15 Nov 2009


In a message dated 15/11/2009 21:01:56 GMT Standard Time, writes: I think Testa Satalvad, Arundhati Roy, Kuldeep Nayar Praful Bidwai, Barkha Dutt etc. should be here and protesting. For them this is gross violation of human rights. I wonder why they are silent. ----------------------------- A good question. Those whom you name are smashed Hindu "pulp" with no guts to recall even the death of Akhand Bharat by Sword of Islam. On seeing a Mohammed In Bharat they were supposed to have shouted, "What the Hell are YOU doing here, Mohammed, having taken your pound of flesh and a TON OF BLOOD, too?" But these Hindus are "RATS". In appeasing the Muslims at home they are showing extreme weakness, GENETIC INFERIORITY and embarrassment. Those who cannot oppose the ENEMY walk along with him. These "rats" are walking ALONG THE MOHAMMEDANS in our PARTITIONED bleeding BHARAT. The answer is that it was INDIA that was beaten, thrashed, degraded, insulted, plundered, looted, decimated, exterminated, raped and EXPLOITED the most on earth, to stand up to savage MOHAMMED in the FIRST place but she collapsed and got MUTILATED in unprecedented BLOODSHED. Two million slaughtered HINDUS in one year alone were not a "few drops of blood". Europe, too, is buckling under ISLAMIC pressure and has resorted to LOSING GROUND and appeasing. Slowly this continent too will be overwhelmed by the SWORD OF MOHAMMED. What is now the SOLE guarantor of our freedoms, dignity of women, and genuine secularism, is the USA. Hence the pressure and threat from the MUSLIMS world-wide is IMMENSE. To survive, America has to do what India could not accomplish even in dream. We all, therefore, ought to support America in controlling and EXTINGUISHING the Muslim FIRE & FLAMES from its own soil and then enable the whole world to get rid of ISLAM finally. Befitting response to global Islam must come from a global power and that is the USA. 15 Nov 09 ============= 000000000