Date: 17 Nov 2009


In a message dated 17/11/2009 06:02:44 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXX. ca writes: I am writing this to inform to all Canadians specially immigrants that Canada loves refugee and immigrants. but at the same time Canadian regime do not trust refugees or immigrants. ========================== A GOOD ADVICE? We must wonder as to WHY CANADIAN REGIME SHOULD TRUST REFUGEES OR IMMIGRANTS. If they do then they will be like the HINDUS (who fled KARACHI and SRINAGAR, TOO) and the SIKHS (who sheepishly fled Lahore and never looked back) and everybody will see fireworks, BOFORS CHORS, an ITALIAN BORN "RASHTRAMATA" on top, ordering the Prime Minister about, seduction, abduction and rape of their daughters, reign of corruption & nepotism unlimited, a million revolts, and then PARTITION. If we have been abroad a long time then by now we ought to have realised as to what makes these (Christian) countries "tick", i.e., progress, ensure peace within, and become magnet for even us from (POTENTIALLY) the richest country on earth, Hindusthan. Our task is to ROUSE & AWAKEN the sleeping Hindu nation that is divided, mutually suspicious and most IGNORANT and, as a result, much WEAKENED. May be, Canada has learnt a lesson from BROKEN BHARAT. May be, they do not have IGNORANT "cuckoos, goats, donkeys and sheep" in the manner of our own "sadhus, sants and gurus" who could not see the difference between FRIEND & FOE and brought us all into this state. The tragedy of the Hindus is this- We come from a land of literally GOLD, Bharat. But while the Canadian White establishment keeps all POWER and AUTHORITY in their own hands and uses immigrants to SERVE them, we Hindus welcome ALL with open arms and are ever ready to SERVE all. We have NO clue that a MUSALMAAN is a serpent and the Hindu is a maiden. In other words, we are so BRAINWASHED by a huge army of sadhus, sants and gurus that we go out of our way to EMBRACE every Christian and Mohammedan on our own land that we thus defile. The land is pure like mother's milk but it is SOILED AND DESECRATED when we trust the likes of Abdul Kalam, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Saif Ali who all live and eat in Hindusthan but face MECCA while praying to MOHAMMED, or welcome the likes of SONIA MAINO who wishes the Hindus to convert to her POPE. Even the SIMPLE SIKHS, so brainwshed LIKE THE HINDUS, do not care about the Governor, GEN RODRIGUES, who is a Catholic- more loyal to Pope than Guru Gobind Singh. Despite the attack on Golden TEMPLE in 1984 none has discovered that Indira under a pious Hindu name was actually a MUSALMAANI, the reincarnation of Aurangzeb. This was the SECOND KICK to them since Partititon that went unnoticed, ignored and forgotten EVEN BY THE HINDUS who fled Sialkot (VP Nayar), Jhelum (IK Gujral) and Karachi (LK Advani). They NEVER told the nation "Why?". Instead of criticising the racist BRITISH or CANADIANS, and then rushing out to their lands, let us safeguard our own and regard it "HINDUSTAN FOR THE NATIVES". The alternative is to accept the system wherever we are and "While in Rome, do as the Romans do." When we complain or grumble the world laughs. We ourselves need to vow that we (HINDUS, WHO ELSE?) will recover the control of our own Motherland and make sure that every Kashmiri Hindu is safe in SRINAGAR and if ONE is killed, or his daughter molested, then we will shut down all the mosques in Ghaziabad, Secunderabad, AHMEDABAD and Hyderabad. What else does one do to the FOOL, or TRAITOR, or the ENEMY, who does not do "While in Hindusthan what the Hindus do."? How else do you treat CANCER? What happened to the limbs of Bharat that were affected by ISLAMIC gangrene? But alas, at this time CONGRESS (italy and Islam) have got the HIndus UNDER THEIR BOOT and we have all gone SECULAR after we let go of Lahore to become ISLAMIC. Now which Sadhu and Sant to approach and EDUCATE on POLITICS and PARTITION? Nov 17, 2009 ========== 000000000