Date: 19 Nov 2009


In a message dated 19/11/2009 05:03:40 GMT Standard Time, writes:XXXXXXXXXXX What really provoked the MEA to take on China was its move to tell the international community that Jammu & Kashmir is a disputed state XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -------------------------- Re: Jammu & Kashmir: 'Special Status' must end- ...XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Please don't forget the disputed state of J&K is INTENTIONAL by TREACHEROUS govt. of India.XXXXXXXXXXXXX India is under the jackboot of "BANDIT" NEHRU & HIS DYNASTY. She is NOT of the people, for the people who inhabit her. She is not even a DEMOCRACY. In which genuine democracy does a daughter succeed her father and then her own son succeeds her? Western India is gone due to Nehru's COLLUSION with the MUSLIMS and the BRITISH. Eastern India is Bangladesh. What we have is MIDDLE INDIA. And Middle India is now being poked, pierced and threatened from within and without. Middle India cannot defend itself. It cannot cross the cease fire line in J&K even by one milimetre. It has NOT dared to do so since October 1947 when it got stuck there due to NEHRU'S desing. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX APPARENTLY, India is a SOVEREIGN countrym a super power with a big army. MOST CERTAINLY it can do one or both of the following-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 1. RECAPTURE NORTH.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 2. IF UNABLE, UNFIT, or INCAPABLE OF DOING SO, THEN AT LEAST IT COULD ABOLISH ARTICLE 370 THAT MAKES J&K A DISPUTED STATE. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX India is ruled by SLAVES or DWARFS who have NO self esttem whatsoever. Just one example: If YOU were the chief minister of ANY ONE of those 27 States would you never reflect, "A Kashmiri from DISPUTED State can buy property in MY state but MY subjects cannot do so in Kashmir." Then like a proud man you would say, "Either I will get the same right and privilege for MY subjects, or I will go and set fire to Sonia's skirt, since she is the MANIPULATOR of even the Prime Minister. Do we see any stir on the part of these 27 native midgets who can be summoned by Italina born Sonia any time and rebuked or even dismissed?XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX This India of "ITALY, ISLAM & the BRAINWASHED SUBSERVIENT HINDU COOLIE" needs a big kick in the bottom. But that will not be possible by "AHIMSA" SMITTEN Hindu nation that could not even defend LAHORE in 1947 nor Amritsar in 1984, nor show guts to RECLAIM North Kashmir. She will receive that mighty KICK by EITHER an external enemy like China, Bangladesh and Pakistan COMBINED, or by the restive MUSLIMS within (who refuse to sing Vande Matram"), and whose constitutional status is also DISPUTED due to PARTITION.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX No wonder this "Government" does not wish to hear the word "PARTITION". But one day this co-called GOVERNMENT will be put on dock and made to explain a thing or two about PARTITION. If the HINDU NATION, adoring Sonia and admiring Shah Rukh KHAN, cannot do it, then THE CHINESE WILL OBLIGE US. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The MEA (Sonia's Ministry of External Affairs) can huff and puff, twitter and twatter in its own office block to fool the Indians. Its AUTHORITY and POWER (Shakti) can be seen in SURRENDERED Lahore and East Bengal (a second time in 1972). XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Chinese are neither brainwashed nor blind like the HINDU nation that saw Lahore go under MOHAMMED but could not honour Sri Rama in DELHI in the same way. If there was a "Nation of Eunuchs" anywhere on earth then it is our BROKEN BHARAT, still unable to EJECT the worthless import of BOFOR'S CHOR, the anti Hindu foreign female from Italy.XXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 19 Nov 09 ============================