Date: 19 Nov 2009


THE BRAVE WRITER BELOW HAS CASTIGATED THE SHRIMATI SUPREME COMMANDER OF PARTITIONED INDIA (MIDDLE INDIA) FOR TAKING JOY RIDES ON AN AEROPLANE INSTEAD OF INSPECTING GUNS OR FLYING BY SOME COMBAT AEROPLANE TO TEST ITS BATTLE WORTHINESS. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX THE ESTEEMED WRITER SAYS, "I wonder what is the purpose of the President of India Ms Pratibha Patil taking a joy ride in a IAF Sukhoi jet. Surely these planes are not meant for joy rides/festivities of the rich and famous .At least not so in a poor country like India. It is a shame that no son of a gun in the media including Mr Shekhar Gupta ( self appointed watch dog of corruption) has had the guts to raise this as an issue which needs to be condemned . I know a lot of people will give the argument of she being the Supreme Commander! Let them not fool themselves. We all know the symbolism of that appointment. It does not grant the President to use the Services for seeking cheap thrills at the expense of the state. I wonder what is the opinoin of others. Or is it - that it dosent matter. ===================================== (WHEN PANDIT NEHRU AND MAHATMA GANDHI SAID, "ARRAY YAAR CHALTRA HAI", THEY BOTH GOT A KICK IN THE BACK AND LOST FIVE PROVINCES TO ISLAM ON ONE DAY IN 1947. 000000000