Date: 21 Nov 2009


From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxyahoo.co.uk> To: The Tribune <letters@tribuneindia.com> Sent: Mon, 16 November, 2009 10:59:55 Subject: India is a Plural Society - - by Kuldip Nayar (The Tribune 13th Nov.) Dear Editor Once again the vetern Journalist and a farmer diplomat, Kuldip Nayar failed to resist selectivity. bias and imblancing tactics in his write-up : "India is a Plural Society - Why can't RSS understand this simple truth?" He laments about the RSS Gujrat-like ethnic cleansing of Muslims and/or victimisation of Christians in Orrisa., but both these claims ought to be seen in perspectives. There has not been any ethnic cleansing of the Muslims in Gujrat, though after the civil comode following the burning alive of the Hindus at Godhra Railway Station, there were displacements and later rehabilitation work was undertaken. He has presented himself very allergic to issues like the Godhra Kaand and the murder of the Octagenarian Swamy Lakhshmanananda Sarswati before the Kandhamal incidents. Shri Nayar ought to have appreciated the fact that in a Plural, Secular and Democratic set-up like India, people have the right to practise whatever faith they choose. But have no right to inflict their religion on others! Shri Nayar regards Mosques as a Tribute to India's Secular and Plural Society. He ought to come out of his narrow visions and like a true national of India regard other places of worship, whether Gurdwaras or Temples also its heritage and symbol of pluralism. Sensible persons do speak their minds, but they also engage their minds before speaking. He has never taken up the cause of the Kashmiri Pandits, who are living as refugees in their own country. A fourth Generation of Hindus and Sikhs has emerged in Jammu and Kasmir, who are denied recognition as subjects of the State, yet it is claimed to be an integral part of India. The RSS and others too will appreciate India's Secularism and Pluralism, when all citisens are treated equally. Recently my family went to the pilgrimmage of Shri Hemkund Sahib. Unlike the Haj Pilgrimmage, the Government did not subsidise us. Are we indeed in a secular set-up? 000000000