Date: 22 Nov 2009


WHY I TURNED AGAINST THE EVIL IN ISLAM: 1. Thoughts and Writings of Anwar Shaikh of Cardiff. Until early 1990’s I had no idea of the evil in Islam. Then suddenly the whole perspective changed. About seven years before the surprise attack on WTC towers in New York I came to know of the eminent Muslim scholar, Anwar Shaikh, who changed my view of Islam. He exposed Islam simply as "Arab Imperialism", the Ideology of Aggression. He challenged anyone to discuss or argue with him on what he wrote. Before immigrating to this country from Pakistan Mr. Shaikh had taken part in the widespread ethnic cleansing during 1947, killing many defenceless unarmed innocent Sikhs. In that year over TWO MILLION people (including women, children, young and old alike) were butchered. Later, struck by extreme remorse and guilt, he decided to discover the true nature of Islam that had motivated him to commit those beastly killings. He saw its core as a separatist, intolerant and aggressive ideology. Mr. Shaikh wrote extensively on Islam. His books were widely read. For me he was the authentic source of knowledge on Islam. Here are some of his books, a real treasure house on Islam for anyone who seeks the truth on Islam. 1. FAITH & DECEPTION 2. FAITH & POWER: THE POLITICS OF ISLAM 3. ISLAM & TERRORISM 4. THE ARAB IMPERIALISM 5. ISLAM: SEX AND VIOLENCE (All books are available from Amazon.com) 2. Distortion of history by media. Partition of India between the Muslims and the Hindus is often described from the Muslim point of view. The Sikhs are totally overlooked. Sometimes they are even described as the aggressors despite the fact that the Sikhs tried desperately to prevent the Partition of India. 3. Guru Gobind Singh Like millions of other Sikhs I owe my courage to speak out my mind to the Tenth Sikh Guru, Gobind Singh, also known as “Saint Soldier”. His life of utmost courage and heroic struggle against the “tyranny of the oppressor” will inspire anyone to exercise his own right of free expression. 4. .Targeting Sikh girls. In my younger days I was brought up to show respect to all the girls and women. In India Hindu girls are called “Devi” meaning “goddess”, and Sikh girls are called “Kaur”, meaning “princess”. Molestation, seduction and forcible conversion of girls and having more than one wife at a time, therefore, is most repugnant to every Sikh and Hindu. One of the key concerns of both our communities in recent years has been the defence of our girls from Muslim “predators”. Muslim motivation and propensity with regard to females of other Faiths is contrary to our own civilised way of life and morality. All the Sikhs living in this country feel the hurt when we hear of the Muslim youths targeting Sikh girls to make them sex objects. It ought to be emphasized that all (yes, ALL) mixed marriages result in the conversion of the non Muslim spouse to ISLAM. Conversion to Islam, therefore, causes great grief and anguish to the entire community. Television documentaries have brought out this predatory nature of Muslim boys and men on more than one occasion. Despite all this no Sikh will ever “hate” a Muslim, or anybody else. To do so will be violation of the very first tenet of the Sikh Faith. But we do hate Islamic fundamentalism, extremism and terrorism that is detrimental to all of us. --------------------- 000000000