Date: 24 Nov 2009


MAULANA GANDHI /////////////// MK GANDHI, called “Mahatma” by brainwashed Hindus, was a Weakling, a “demolished” Hindu who had NO INNER CONVICTION in whatever he did or said.//////////// Had he INNER CONVICTION in “Akhand Bharat” India could not have been so MUTILATED, TWO MILLION Hindus could not have been slaughtered and tens of thousands of Hindu and Sikh girls would not have been abducted and raped & left for dead by his Muslim “brethren”. /////////////// The tragedy is that Gandhi did not believe in true DEMOCRACY. He simply admired the manhood of Britain and Mohammed Ali JINNAH. Today his Hindusthan is similarly admiring the manhood of all the KHANS in Bollywood.////////////////The result was that the THRONE OF HINDUSTHAN has remained STUCK and STAGNANT in one dynasty only since 1947. How is our BHARAT any different from FEUDAL Afghanistan and FEUDAL Pakistan?///////////// We do not have rule of law but RULE OF SONIA, ITALY & ISLAM.////////////// Since his AKHAND BHARAT went up in flames, let us all call him “MAULANA” GANDHI. /////////// Most of us believe that his MUSLIM APPEASEMENT only encouraged the JINN who then devoured five provinces of our sacred Motherland and two million innocent citizens who were looking forward to see the “glow of freedom”. //////////////// 000000000