Date: 30 Nov 2009


The Swiss have taken the first step to stem the TIDE of Islam before it becomes TSUNAMI and covers their cities in Islamic mud like Islam over LAHORE.. ////////////// They do not wish the MUSLIMS to increase and then finally do the DEATH BLOW to their country as they did to India in 1947. ////////////// We feel that there should also be REFERENDUM in the UK on the question of all the mosques in this country.//////////// What a laugh when a Muslim speaks of human rights? ///////////// Where were the HUMAN RIGHTS of the two million slaughtered in West Punjab in 1947? Where are the human rights of Christians in North Cyprus who were killed in 1974 when their churches were set on fire and plundered?////////////// Has Turkey acknowledged the human rights of ARMENIANS?///////////// Human rights of all the Non Muslims (called KAFIRS in Koran) were cut off in KORAN itself. //////////////// Muslim is a two legged INSENSITIVE "beast" who flies his ISLAMIC FLAG OVER THE SACRED SIKH CITY OF SIKHS, NANKANA SAHIB. /////////////// Let us ask, "Mr Mohammed, what about our KHANDA CHAKRA flying over your MECCA?" //////////////// WHAT HAPPENED? WHY DON'T YO ANSWER, EVEN vIa BBC? ////////////// Where were the human rights of all those killed on London bus and tubes in 2005? ///////////////// Go and improve human rights in 52 ISLAMIC republics first. //////////////// Where are trhe human rights of that girl WHIPPED IN PUBLIC for talking to a man. She was not a prostitute but someone's decent daughter. //////////////// ///////////////////// AFTER LAHORE, IS LONDON NEXT? 000000000