Date: 04 Dec 2009


WHY ARE THE HINDUS VICTIMS IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY?/////////////// FOR TWO REASONS:////////////// 1. THEY CANNOT PUNISH THE PERPETRATORS, LEAVE ASIDE DEFEND THEIR TEMPLES AND DAUGHTERS.////////////// 2. THEY DO NOT TURN ROUND TO ASK THE MUSLIMS, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE AFTER GETTING PAKISTAN (YOUR SEPARATE HOMELAND)?"///////////////// THE CONTINUOUS SIGHT OF A CRYING HINDU MAKES THE WORLD "SWITCH OFF" EVENTUALLY./////////////// BY THE LAW OF 'SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST', THE HINDUS NEED TO SHOW THAT THEY ARE FIT TO LIVE, LEAVE ASIDE SURVIVE. /////////////// ============ In a message dated 04/12/2009 04:22:43 GMT Standard Time, unitedhindufront@gmail.com writes: Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW) Dhaka received an appeal from the Hindu victims/devotees requesting us to take initiative to protect their rights of religion and also for legal assistance in the court./////////////////// Peaceful Hindus last year on 23.11.2008 went to cremate Hindu dead bodies at their cremation ground situated at Mukunda Patty Baneswardee Area at Nagarkanda Upazila of Faridpur District. But they had been intercepted by some Muslim perpetrators. As a result Hindus lodged general diary entry number 875 dated 23.11.2008 at Nagarkanda police station apprehending danger in future.////////////// 000000000