Date: 04 Dec 2009


Dear Feuilletons,////////////// MUSLIMS NEED TO SHOW THEIR CIVILISATION IN MIDDLE EAST FIRST.////////////// ARE AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN NOT ISLAMIC COUNTRIES? ARE THEY NOT ROLE MODELS FOR THE EUROPEAN MUSLIMS?/////////////// WHAT SORT OF A "HELL" ARE THEY FOR INFIDELS, CHRISTIANS, JEWS, HINDUS, AND SIKHS? //////////// HOW MANY CHURCHES ARE THERE IN KABUL OR MECCA AS COMPARED TO MOSQUES IN SWITZERLAND?/////////// WHAT WAS THE "ISLAMIC" TREATMENT OF ANCIENT BUDDHA STATUES LIKE IN BAMYAN NEAR KABUL? EUROPE HAS TO BE MOST WARY OF THE NEW IMPORT CALLED "ISLAM". HAS ANYONE INVITED THEM? HAS ANYONE WELCOMED THEM? /////////////// EUROPE AND AMERICA, AUSTRALIA AND CANADA, AND PARTITIONED INDIA, OBVIOUSLY, SMILE AT THE MORONS LIKE THE CHESHIRE CAT TO BE "POLITICALLY CORRECT".////////////// IF THE MUSLIM NUMBERS INCREASE WHERE IS THE GUARANTEE THAT EUROPE WILL NOT BE LIKE AFGHANISTAN AND PAKISTAN- A SCENE OF DEVASTATION, DEATH & DESTRUCTION, LIVING IN TERROR OF ASSASSINS AND SUICIDE BOMBERS, OR IMPOVERISHED LIKE BANGLADESH AND SOMALIA? ///////////// NATURALLY, MUSLIMS ARE "OVERLY SENSITIVE" BECAUSE THEY ARE FEARED BY THE CIVILISED CHRISTIANS AND THE OTHER PEACE LOVING & PROGRESSIVE NON MUSLIMS, INCLUDING THE NOBLE INFIDELS (KAFIRS). ////////////// THE SWISS, TOO, ARE "SENSITIVE" AND HAVE DONE WHAT THE REST OF EUROPE OUGHT TO DO IMMEDIATELY BEFORE SHARIA LAW BECOMES AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE EUROPEAN (ROMAN & GREEK) LAW. /////////////////// ================== In a message dated 04/12/2009 14:27:25 GMT Standard Time, writes: From the Feuilletons:////////////// The Swiss anti-minaret vote has been the focus of feuilleton attention this week. The NZZ calls it a disgrace for journalism. Tariq Ramadam says the Muslims should have been more active in preventing it. Historian Hamed Abdel-Samad looks at Islam's failure to modernise and says it's time the Muslims engaged in self-criticism if they don't like others doing it. Mario Vargas Llosa praises the EU as the only political project that is both revolutionary and real. And the Tagesschau, Germany's oldest news institution, comes under fire for its stultifying depiction of the world.////////////// ///////////////////// 000000000