Date: 14 Dec 2009


OBAMA AND GANDHI ///////////////// Quote from the editorial in "The Sunday Telegraph", London, December 13, 2009.////////////// (Quote) If the 43rd. American president had accepted a peace prize by mounting a muscular defence of “just wars” and declaring that he had sent troops who “will kill” and “be killed” to a “distant land”, then he would have been denounced for bloodthirsty effrontery.//// /////////////// Obama did not just dispense with his previous apologies for American actions around the globe. He stated that “evil does exist in the world”, that pacifism would not have halted Hitler’s armies and that the “blood of (American) citizens and the strength of our arms” had helped secure peace for six decades. (Unquote)/////////////// How we all spontaneously recalled out own supreme leader in 1940’s, MK GANDHI, who did not know that “evil does exist in the world”, and if he did then bowed deep and down before Evil and went silent when the Evil attacked his Motherland and mutilated her in bloodshed and corpses of TWO MILLION innocent citizens. //////////////////// The result of Obama’s wisdom that is no different from the supreme wisdom of Sri Krishna at Kurukshetra, Sri Rama in Sri Lanka, Shivaji in Maharashtra and Guru Gobind Singhji in Punjab, is that America is safe enough for all the INDIAN emigrants to live their in PEACE and PROSPERITY. ////////////////////// Mr Mohandas Karamchand GANDHI, the top political leaders of UNITED INDIA disregarded all the ACCUMULATED WISDOM of his own country, gathered with extreme struggles and sacrifices while watching passively how his India then became FRAGMENTED & DISUNTIED. /////////////////// Instead of America’s “six decades of peace” our Bharat (HINDUSTHAN) has had six decades of HINDU BASHING, appeasement of Evil, burning of hotels and shopping malls and regular incursions and explosions by the enemy who was given LAHORE, MULTAN and DHAKA on platter in 1947 in order to serve, satisfy, please and appease the DEVIL with UNSATIABLE appetite for KAFIRS & INFIDELS (HINDUS). //////////////////////// ==========14 Dec 09 =================== 000000000