Date: 19 Dec 2009


PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU: ////////////////////// We have to concentrate on one man, Nehru, in more than one way, if we wish to discover the reasons for rotten judiciary, corrupt police, rampant corruption and bribery, widespread frustration, nepotism, red tape, “foreign fingers” meddling in India’s internal affairs, militancy in Kashmir and terrorism all over India./////////////////// To start with, Nehru had absolutely NO mandate to unilaterally surrender even an inch of territory to the enemy. A country belongs to all her inhabitants. When in 1947 India was compelled by her British rulers and bullied by indigenous Muslims to surrender her territory the leaders had to demand a referendum or plead the case for secularism with utmost passion and commitment. If all means failed they were to threaten use of force against the enemy who was trying to break up the country. ///////////////// At the time of Partition the enemies of India were the “All INDIA Muslim League” under Mohammed Ali Jinnah who, being inspired by the “kafir killer poison” in Koran, demanded one third of India in order to establish a separate Islamic State./////////////////// Jawaharlal Nehru, being a traitor of century, and MK Gandhi, being a coward of millennium, readily agreed to the unconditional surrender of vast territories to Islam. While signing the Document of Defeat they “dumped” secularism, betrayed India, insulted the Hindus, delivered the minorities in the future Islamic Republic to “dog’s” status and humiliated the armed forces. ///////////////////// In any other country they both would have been immediately caught and either executed by firing squad or lynched by the public in broad daylight.////////////// Having stated these assumptions let us now examine Nehru’s hostile attitude towards the armed forces of India. He regarded them his enemy No.1 while regarding the Muslims as his best friends. ///////////////// For the HINDU nation to trust such a treacherous man in the post of prime minister was definitely their worst calamity after getting DECIMATED & MUTILATED in “rivers of blood”. ////////////// The armed forces of India at that time were a formidable fighting machine, well trained, well disciplined and well equipped, who had fought against powerful German, Italian and Japanese armies in two World Wars without ever “ceasing fire”. ///////////////// Men with such professional fighting background could not even dream of shooting Jawaharlal Nehru dead like Czar Nicholas of Russia, El Duce Benito Mussolini of Italy and President Ceucescu of Romania who were dealt with by their own countrymen. Nehru escaped their bullet but never forgot to keep their heads down. ///////////////// Every traitor after committing High Treason lives in mortal fear for his life and, is, therefore, at extreme pains to wipe out his potential enemies. He will leave no stone unturned to destroy those who pose a threat to him.//////////////// India’s Jawaharlal Nehru was the Traitor of Century. He, therefore, feared the armed forces of India to assassinate him for committing High Treason of such unimaginable magnitude, that is, the unconditional surrender of five provinces to the enemy. ////////////////// He asked himself, “How would they react knowing the unconditional surrender of vast territories of India where many of them were born and had families.” ///////////////// “How would they react when they realize that the defence of India would be near impossible after losing vast territories along with human, mineral and industrial resources” ///////////////// “How difficult will it be to defend Hindustan without natural barriers like Khyber Pass?” ///////////////// “How destabilizing the remaining MUSLIMS in India become after the creation of a separate homeland for them?”///////////////// Nehru pondered, “I must destroy the pride of the armed forces in order to make the worst ever surrender look like Independence?” ///////////////////// Given this frightening nightmare Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had no doubt that the assassin would be a man in uniform. ///////////////// He knew that the Muslims applauded him for rewarding them so richly with the largest Islamic republic on earth and the Christian rulers were “party to partition” while the Hindus, by and large, didn’t care a damn whether their President was a Muslim, Christian or Italian, and whether Suwat , Gilgit and Chittagong were in Bharat or in Pakistan. //////////////// Nehru had reduced Bharat territorially, destabilized her socially and played joke with Secularism, and, worst of all, humiliated the armed forces before the whole world as a defeated army who were made to watch passively like the “eunuchs” (“ungleeyaan moonh mein daal kay”) when vast territories of Gandhi’s “Akhand Bharat” vanished from the map./////////////////// He turned Ministry of Information into Ministry of Propaganda like that of Dr. Goebbels’ of Hitler. It raised him in public eye as the greatest patriot, freedom fighter and champion of Secularism. His cabinet ministers and parliamentarians used to look down at the ground while listening to him. Broadcasting remained in State hands and the press employed only subservient reporters and journalists. At the same time countless institutions, towns and roads were named after him. He appointed anti Hindu ministers of education. The nation of dwarfs watched democracy go to dogs while he was grooming his own daughter to become India’s next prime minister after him. //////////////// Nehru’s first act was to condemn the brave fighters of INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY raised by Netaji SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE. These brave sons of India had sworn to liberate Mother India from the YOKE OF SLAVERY. It was therefore expected that free India’s first Prime Minister would disband the British Indian army and start a new national army with the INA as its nucleus. But contrary to expectations Nehru called these patriots “traitors to King and Country” and saw to it that they were all dismissed with dishonor and denied pension rights and any new means of livelihood. One expected them, too, to step forward and shoot Nehru dead for insulting Netaji and his Indian National Army (AZAD HIND FAUJ). /////////////// The unique story of heroism & patriotism of these brave men, who were CONTEMPTUSOUSLY shooed and avoided by Nehru, is yet to be told.////////////////// Jawaharlal Nehru immediately degraded the armed forces, that had never “ceased fire” during two World Wars, by unilaterally declaring premature cease-fire in Kashmir after getting the princely State invaded by colluding with Pakistan. This helped him strengthen his own political position in full blown blasts of propaganda, projecting himself as the Saviour of Kashmir. ////////////////////// It’s amazing that the man who was called Saviour of India at Partition now became Saviour of Kashmir with cease fire line running through the State. Hindus of India were so mesmerized by him that none dared to ask, “How come, you were so cold in the defence of Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi, but have suddenly become so hot over Srinagar?”//////////////// While our soldiers were advancing he ordered them to cease fire to frustrate them and at the same time to perpetuate the conflict in order to divert the nation’s attention away from his surrender of Lahore and four other State capitals. //////////////// More inconclusive “cease fires” were to follow under his Dynasty, notably the one in Sri Lanka four decades later, to demoralize the Indian armed forces further. Even the resounding Victory over East Pakistan (1972) is not celebrated in public anywhere in India. ///////////////// Nehru drastically reduced the pay and allowances, and the status of men in uniform, neglected their family accommodation, clothing, equipment and munitions. He filled most senior posts through nepotism, sacrificing operational efficiency, as we saw in their humiliating rout in winter 1962. ///////////////// Nehru surpassed Dr. Goebbels of Germany in his propaganda offensive to portray Partition as Independence and himself as the greatest patriot of India. Roads, streets, institutions, schools, colleges, localities and towns were being named after Nehru. His statues were being erected in town centres all over and his praises were sung and broadcast everywhere round the clock. CRUSHING THE INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY (INA)////////////////// The first treacherous act of Nehru was to totally disown the brave men of Indian National Army (INA) raised by General Mohan Singh and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who had taken an oath of loyalty to Bharat instead of the foreign King. ////////////////////// On assuming office of Prime Minister of India in 1947 Jawaharlal Nehru was expected to disband the Indian army raised & maintained by the British, or merge the men of the INA in it, rehabilitating its officers and jawans with dignity & honour. But Nehru, the British clone, considered them mutineers and traitors. As usual, going against the national Will, he ensured that they were tried for treason, sent to jail or dismissed with dishonor and sent home, to perish. ////////////////// INVASION OF KASHMIR BY NEHRU/////////////// Nehru had to get Kashmir invaded as soon as possible to cover up his criminal surrender of Lahore without insisting on referendum or exchange of population. He found “Mahatma” MK Gandhi a ready tool to go along with this High Treason, the surrender of territory and betrayal of the armed forces who, in any case, were considered superfluous by both Nehru and Gandhi. //////////////////// Widely exploiting Gandhi’s anesthetic chants of “AHIMSA PARMO DHARMA” and “HINDU MUSLIM BHAI BHAI” in the midst of that bloodshed and violence, Nehru hit upon the idea of GETTING KASHMIR INVADED in order to lock the nation's full attention to THAT State so that his subjects completely forget the fate of FIVE others that went down under the foot of Mohammed. ///////////////// The invasion of Kashmir took place within days of Partition (October 24, 1947) in accordance with Nehru’s desperate desire to save his own skin. ///////////////// That is why he did not put an end to that aggression within days when the Indian troops were advancing rapidly and Pakistan was not yet fully born and, therefore, completely ill prepared. Nehru quickly took the case to UNO where, to his great satisfaction, it stalled for YEARS, if not for DECADES, taking everyone’s eyes off Nehru’s own treachery. ///////////////// Nehru’s abhorance of armed forces went down his dynasty like genes in the body. When a reporter asked Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during the Chinese invasion in winter 1962, “Would your own sons wear military uniform?” she quipped, “There are too many young men willing to die for this country.” The reporter did not dare to publish her reply though he never forgot it till his own death. The Chinese war ended in the most humiliating defeat for the Indian armed forces with 7th Infantry Brigade completely wiped out. Nehru should have resigned but he didn’t. ////////////////// The pacifist approach to international relations, the insistence on non-alignment, all reinforced the Gandhian disapproval of men of war as part of the Indian Congress attitude. The civilian leadership under Nehru thus placed the soldiers into disadvantaged position. /////////////////// Capture of Goa, 1961./////////////// The Army had been experiencing chronic shortage of boots, and half of one battalion went through the operation in canvas gym shoes. Although this was discussed widely in the Army, little came out in India, which called the operation "our finest hour." ///////////////// When the Indian Ambassador (Nehru’s cousin) in Washington expressed the truth that the Indian defense forces were so badly equipped that they could not ensure the security of the country, he was ignored. Nehru repeatedly assured Parliament that the Army was capable of defending the frontiers, and suggested disciplining the Ambassador for an indiscretion. ////////////// Nehru’s actions and omissions betrayed his strong inner wish to humiliate the armed forces through inaction (Uganda & Fiji), “cease fires” (Kashmir and Sri Lanka), relegation of status vis a vis civilian grades and by nepotism for promotion to senior ranks. Though MK Gandhi's "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma" became a liability after India became a sovereign state, Nehru continued with the deception assiduously, elevating Gandhi to the status of "Father of Nation". This was a devastating blow to Hindu manhood. ///////////////// One never realised that the Chinese were “invited” by none else but Jawaharlal Nehru to inflict a crushing defeat on his army in 1962. The well timed chants of “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai”, that preceded the invasion, were the equivalent of psychological anaesthesia to confuse and demoralise the armed forces. There was strong psychological obstacle: “Is one supposed to kill “brothers?” Traitor Nehru was no inspiring Divine Sri Krishna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra! //////////////// Nehru Dynasty continued that “army bashing” culture and sent them to fight the Tamils in Sri Lanka only to receive a “bloody nose” and “cease fire” as in Kashmir. /////////////////// Considering the armed forces merely “cannon fodder or a relic of the British colonial past, none of the so-called Gandhis, who hold the fate of India in their hands, donned uniform or expressed any interest in joining the army. In contrast we see all the members of the British Royal family wearing uniform with pride, providing inspiration to the armed forces and the nation. //////////// Consider this: Even today the brainwashed HINDU nation has no interest whatsoever in discovering the core loyalty of the Italian-born Sonia Maino who is called “Rashtramata” (Mother of Nation) and given front seat in the Indian Parliament. ///////////////// Nehru Dynasty, that still holds Partitioned India in their tight grip, is the extension of his Will & Legacy. They are stuck to the original High Treason by Jawaharlal Nehru that turned PARTITION into “Independence” (Great Deception) and also trapped Kashmir in the cycle of permanent death and destruction, turning this tourists’ paradise into terrorists haven. ////////////////// Indian armed forces are now praying for improvement in their long neglected pay scales without realizing the reason for the foot dragging baboos’ unwillingness to go against the iron-cast Will of Nehru. ////////////////// 000000000