Date: 27 Dec 2009


ATTEMPT TO CRASH & DESTROY THE PLANE OVER AMERICA/////////////////// What good is education when they use it to destroy and kill?/////////////// That "good" Muslim guy studied engineering in London and wanted to give Christmas present of 274 DEAD BODIES to the Christians across the world. ///////////// Islam is nothing but FRAUD, DECEPTION & SURPRISE ATTACK. None knows Islam and the Muslims better than the HINDUS. Yet none goes out to embrace them more keenly than the HINDUS (and the SIKHS). ///////////////// Obviously, the Bharatiya nation wish to give them DELHI, too, like Lahore, Multan and NORTH KASHMIR. ////////////////// 27 dec 09//////////////// PS: 2nd anniversary of ASSASSINATION of a highly EDUCATED and prominent Muslim "Khatoon" by the followers of Mohammed on the soil of Akhand Bharat, that is now called "Pakistan". ///////////////// JENAB GOHAR JAMAL NEHRU (aka PANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU), Partitioned India's first prime minister, exonerated ALL OF THEM, and embraced them, at the very moment that he spoke of his own "glow of freedom". ///////////////// His trial for HIGH TREASON is still due. It can NEVER be time barred.///////////// ================ 000000000 =